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ADJ   Xian | more Xian | most Xian
NOUN   Xian | Xians
SYNO Changan | Hsian | Sian | ...
Xian [also X-ian, X'ian] [abbreviation for: Christian]
Christ {m}
Xian faith [coll.]christlicher Glaube {m}
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  • A lang xian, which can be translated as "wolf brush" or "wolf bamboo" was a branched, multi-tipped spear with blades attached to the branches.
  • is a legendary Taoist "xian" (...) associated with the elixir of life, and a symbolic protector of women in Chinese mythology.
  • Some xian were thought to have reptile features in the Han Dynasty.
  • The radio station represented by the Harbin Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai is called "Long Guang Zai Xian Wang" (...).
  • When used in the context of Chinese history, especially China before the Tang Dynasty, the word "prefecture" is used to translate "xian" (...).

  • According to Dongfang Shuo, Fanghu is where loong dragons and xian who do not wish to ascend to the heavens lived.
  • The immortals, or "xian", were Daoist immortals (humans who had metamorphosed into superhuman form).
  • known as "fuguo xian" or "yiguo xian" (...) in Chinese, was a county of which seat located in the walled city of its superior, especially a prefectural one.
  • The name "Seonam" ("Xian's Precipice", 仙 巖) is derived from the legend that a "xian", an immortal, once played the game of Go here.
  • In the history of the political divisions of China, the word "prefecture" has been applied onto three unrelated types of division: the "xian", the "zhou" and the "fu".

  • Li Xian had an older sister Li Shunxian, who was known for being beautiful and was a concubine of the Former Shu Chinese Emperor Wang Zongyan, and a brother older than both of them named Li Xun.
  • This section chronologically reviews how Chinese texts describe "xian" "immortals; transcendents".
  • After the coronation of Jiaqing Emperor, Lady Liu was granted a title "Consort Xian"(咸妃; "xian" meaning "truthful").
  • "1:Qilian Xian zhi = Annals of Qi Lian country". Qilian xian zhi bian zuan wei yuan hui, 祁连县志编纂委员会. Lanzhou: Gansu ren min chu ban she. 1993. [...].
  • is a donghua series based on the novel of the same name written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (...).

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