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Y-filterY-Filter {m} [fachspr. meist {n}]
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Übersetzung für 'Y filter' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Y-Filter {m} [fachspr. meist {n}]
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  • If the resolution is not limited by the rectangular sampling rate of either the source or target image, then one should ideally use rotationally symmetrical filter or interpolation functions, as though the data were a two dimensional function of continuous x and y.
  • The causal finite impulse response (FIR) Wiener filter, instead of using some given data matrix X and output vector Y, finds optimal tap weights by using the statistics of the input and output signals.
  • Like the X-Station, it featured Novation's X/Y touchpad (the 'X-Pad') and included a synth engine based on that in the X-Station with the addition of filter overdrive and the X-Gator patch programmer, which can be configured to gate each patch to create 16-32-step rhythmic patterns synchronised to MIDI clock.
  • The output of the analog filter is y(t), which is the inverse Laplace transform of Y(s).
  • This phenomenon is called on-frequency masking and occurs because the masker and signal are within the same auditory filter (Figure C).
  • Gradient images are created from the original image (generally by convolving with a filter, one of the simplest being the Sobel filter) for this purpose.
  • The burrows created by detritophage species of Axiidea are more likely to change over the life of the organism than the burrows of filter feeders because detritophage species of Axiidea can build new passages and chambers over the course of their feeding.
  • The statement "every filter in a Boolean algebra can be extended to an ultrafilter" is called the "Ultrafilter Theorem" and cannot be proven in ZF, if ZF is consistent.
  • In both single sensor Bayer filter and triple sensor designs, the weak signal created by the sensors is amplified before being encoded into analog signals for use by the viewfinder and also encoded into digital signals for transmission and recording.
  • Recent instrumentation has replaced the angled mirror with an inverted microscope and a neutral density filter.
  • Book (Georgia Institute of Technology) used a Smith predictor, a Kalman filter and an energy regulator to perform teleoperation through the Internet.
  • Because of the colour stripe filter and the early technology, this CCD was only as sensitive as the monochrome vidicon.
  • The rectangular aperture function acts like a 2D square-top filter, where the field is assumed to be zero outside this 2D rectangle.
  • 7 are commonly used for filter and attenuator designs.
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