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yeast two-hybrid screening <Y2H screening>
Hefe-Zwei-Hybrid-Screening {n} <H2H-Screening>
yeast two-hybrid system <Y2H system>
Hefe-Zwei-Hybrid-System {n} <H2H-System>
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  • Interactors of protein C20orf27 found in Y2H screen are replicase polyprotein 1ab from coronavirus, RAIYL, FERMT2 PHKB, and FERMT2 remain unknown.
  • VP16 is a strong transactivator and is often used in Y2H systems as the activation domain of the system.
  • Large and medium scale Y2H experiments as well as text mining of the NR literature have highlighted the important role of SHP in the Nuclear Receptor dimerization network and its relatively highly connected status, compared to other NRs.
  • Human Nuclear Receptors are capable of dimerizing with many other Nuclear Receptors (homotypic dimerization), as has been shown from large-scale Y2H experiments and text mining efforts of the literature that were focused on specific interactions.
  • The yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) is a genetic screening technique that can be used to detect physical (binding) protein–protein or protein–DNA interactions.

  • Two-hybrid screening (originally known as yeast two-hybrid system or Y2H) is a molecular biology technique used to discover protein–protein interactions (PPIs) The Y2H is thus a protein-fragment complementation assay.
  • For instance, identical conditions in Y2H assays result in very different interactions when different Y2H vectors are used.
  • A yeast two-hybrid screening (Y2H) tests a "bait" protein against many potential interacting proteins ("prey") to identify physical protein–protein interactions.
  • , plague bacteria, was shown to bind ZNF800 using Y2H data.
  • The B1H system should be considered a specialized technique for studying DNA-protein interactions whereas the two-hybrid variations (B2H and Y2H) can assess both protein–protein and protein–DNA interactions.

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