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Y2K bug
Y2K-Bug {m}
Y2K-compliant {adj}
Y2K-compliant {adj}Jahr-2000-fähig
Y2K-compliant {adj}Jahr-2000-kompatibel
(the) year two thousand <Y2K>das Jahr {n} zweitausend / Zweitausend
software bug <SW bug>
Programmfehler {m}
year 2000 problem <Y2K problem> [also: Year 2000 Problem]
Jahr-2000-Problem {n}
common flowerbug / flower-bug / flower bug [Anthocoris nemorum]
Gemeine Blumenwanze {f}
common flowerbug / flower-bug / flower bug [Anthocoris nemorum]
Wald-Lausjäger {m} [Blumenwanzenart]
dock leaf-bug / leafbug / leaf bug [Coreus marginatus, syn. Cimex marginatus]
(Große) Randwanze {f}
dock leaf-bug / leafbug / leaf bug [Coreus marginatus, syn. Cimex marginatus]
Saumwanze {f}
dock leaf-bug / leafbug / leaf bug [Coreus marginatus, syn. Cimex marginatus]
(Gemeine) Lederwanze {f}
European turtle-bug / turtle bug [Podops inunctus, syn.: Podops inuncta]
Amboss-Schildwanze {f}
European turtle-bug / turtle bug [Podops inunctus, syn.: Podops inuncta]
Hakenwanze {f}
Fehler {m}
Versagen {n}
Störung {f}
bugGerätefehler {m}
Wanze {f} [Abhörgerät]
buggeheime Abhörvorrichtung {f}
Fehlerstelle {f}
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  • Y2K-Bug {m} = Y2K bug
  • Bug {m} = prow
  • Bug {m} = crease
  • Bug {m} = Bug (River)
  • Bug = Bug [William Friedkin]
  • Bug {m} = bug
  • Millennium-Bug {m} = Millennium bug
  • Bug {m} [Schulterstück] = shoulder
  • Bug-Wahrscheinlichkeit {f} = probability of (software) bugs
  • Bug {m} [Flugzeug] = nose
  • am Bug = on the bow
  • am Bug = at the prow
  • am Bug = at the bow
  • Bug {m} [Schiff] = bow
  • Dnepr-Bug-Kanal {m} = Dnieper-Bug Canal
  • (Westlicher) Bug {m} [Fluss] = (Western) Bug
  • Bug {m} des Schiffes = bow of the ship
  • mit dem Bug = by the head
  • quer vor unserm Bug = across our bow
  • Schuss {m} vor den Bug [Redewendung] = shot across the bows [idiom]
  • vom Bug bis zum Heck = from stem to stern
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  • In late 1999, Berry released a Y2K bug fix for the Netmail Suite.
  • Launched during the era of concerns over Y2K bugs, the ad implied that HAL's behavior was caused by a Y2K bug, before driving home the point that "only Macintosh was designed to function perfectly".
  • Body shopping in IT originated during the mid-1990s when there was a huge demand for people with mainframe, COBOL and related technology skills to prevent systems being affected by the Y2K bug.
  • It is about a group of computer hackers who at the turn of the year 2000 are working on a solution to the Y2K bug when they are transported back in time a hundred years to 1900.
  • As deterrence for Year 2000 problem (Y2K), TERAS was engaged by nine companies under UEM Group to ensure readiness, through creation of internal operations plans continuity in the event of possible technical glitches caused by the Y2K bug.

  • For example, in the year 2000 the Military Sealift Command hung a broom from the flagpole yardarm outside their headquarters to symbolize its "clean sweep" of the Y2K bug on all the command's ships.
  • Operation Abacus was a Canadian military operation formed in 1999 in response to anticipated disruption due to the year 2000 problem or the Y2K bug.
  • He often installs mosaics in culturally and/or historically important locations, with one high-profile example being his December 31st, 1999 mosaic on the letter D of the Hollywood Sign marking the Y2K bug.
  • "Human 2.0" is an album by the Swedish grindcore band Nasum. The band came up with the title during 1999 as a reference to some of the panic over issues such as the Y2K bug.
  • When the possibility of the Y2K bug threatened to paralyze the nation at the end of 1999, the regiment was tasked to provide Provincial Task Force Manitoba (PTFMB) Company 2 for Operation Abacus.

  • in 2003, which included several Y2K bug fixes. Stephen has since done all Ezycom development.
  • The Y2K bug caused the emcee to melt, exposing him as a robot.
  • ... a. "Y2K bug") to the attention of the Christian community.
  • On January 1, 2000, many users of CyberCash's ICVerify application fell victim to the Y2K Bug, causing double recording of credit card payments through their system.
  • During the late 1990s, he was one of the leading proponents of the theory that the 'Y2K bug' could lead to a collapse of civilization, or at least protracted economic depression and technological breakdown on a wide scale.

  • The album, made in 1998, lampoons the various world-threatening results which were being predicted from the Y2K bug.
  • Dobb's" magazine in March 1999 as a proposed solution for solving the Y2K bug and referred to as "Double Hex".
  • The fears over the Y2K bug was a profitable motivator for clients to buy SCM products such as Continuus at this point.
  • Some motorized telescopes sold during the mid 80s to early 90s, including the Celestron Compustar® which used a form of GoTo technology, were not programmed to allow for dates after 2000; making some Celestron products susceptible to the Y2K bug.
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