Übersetzung für 'YAG' von Englisch nach Deutsch
Oh, yag!Igitt!
yttrium aluminium garnet [Br.] <YAG>
Yttrium-Aluminium-Granat {m} <YAG>
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Übersetzung für 'YAG' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Oh, yag!

yttrium aluminium garnet [Br.] <YAG>
Yttrium-Aluminium-Granat {m} <YAG>material
  • Yttrium-Aluminium-Granat {m} <YAG> = yttrium aluminium garnet [Br.] <YAG>
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  • The most expensive ship sold (YAG 320 "Lynx)" sold for more than $11,000.
  • The experimental thulium fiber laser (TFL) is being studied as a potential alternative to the holmium:YAG (Ho:YAG) laser for the treatment of kidney stones.
  • Gadolinium yttrium aluminium garnet, usually abbreviated Gd:YAG, is a variation of Nd:YAG with microwave and laser applications.
  • "His father was Kushen Yaksherpen (sku gshen yag gsher 'phen) and his mother was Kuoza Lenchikma (khu 'od bza' lan gcig ma)."
  • Samarium-doped YAG (Sm:YAG) is a temperature-sensitive phosphor similar to Dy:YAG.

  • Pulsed Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers are used in laser tattoo removal and laser range finders among other applications.
  • The hull classification symbol of the ships was initially YAGR, changed to AGR in 1958: originally the District Auxiliary, Miscellaneous (YAG) classification with hull numbers YAG-41 through YAG-44 for the first four ships was considered, but this symbol was not adopted.
  • Yttrium aluminum garnet or YAG (Y3Al5O12) doped with rare earth metals (Ce3+, Pr3+, or Nd3+) can be produced through LF-FSP, which have phosphor and laser applications.
  • Similarly, kakape ('bee') and yag ('water') together are the compound word kakapeyag ('honey') (p.
  • Then, he was recognized as the tulku of Gyayag Rinpoche (Wilie: rGya yag rin po che), a Buddhist master of Gelug tradition from Kumbum Monastery, who visited Buryatia several times and died not long before Bidia was born.

  • All "Guardian"-class ships were reclassed as AGR in 1958; they were originally intended to be classed as District Auxiliaries, Miscellaneous (YAG) - see YAG-41 through YAG-44 - but this was not done.
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