Übersetzung für 'YW' von Englisch nach Deutsch
yoctowatt <yW>
Yoktowatt {n} <yW>
You're welcome. <YW, UW>
Nix zu danken. [ugs.]
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Übersetzung für 'YW' von Englisch nach Deutsch

yoctowatt <yW>
Yoktowatt {n} <yW>electr.phys.unit

You're welcome. <YW, UW>
Nix zu danken. [ugs.]Internet
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The interfix "-yw-" used to form many frequentative verbs has a different function for prefixed perfective verbs: it serves to create their imperfective equivalents.
  • The name therefore signifies the source of a stream known traditionally as 'Yw' though which is nowadays known as Ewyn Brook and which flows through a wide, though short, vale known traditionally as "Ystradyw".
  • The Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomials "P'yw"("q") are indexed by a pair of elements "y", "w" of "W", and uniquely determined by the following properties.
  • Her novel "Hi yw fy Ffrind" (She is my friend) reached the shortlist for "Llyfr y Flwyddyn" (Book of the Year) in 2005.
  • El makes one of his sons who is called both prince Yamm ("Sea") and judge Nahar ("River") king over the gods and changes Yamm's name from "yw" (so spelled at that point in the text) to "mdd ’il", meaning "Darling of El".

  • Gans geryow ow hendasow: “gwari hweg yw gwari teg”.
  • (which stands for "Nid yw Cymru ar Werth", meaning "Wales is not for Sale"), in Welsh.
  • "Perta" (originally called "Hi yw y Berta", later "Berta") is a song performed by Welsh singer Manw.
  • "Perta" (originally called "Hi yw y Berta"), the Welsh entry for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, is written by lead singer Ywain.
  • She also used other pseudonyms for writing competitions, having submitted "Diwrnod yw ein bywyd" under the name of Ffanni Llwyd for the Dolgellau national eisteddfod novel competition in 1949.

  • William Jones (pen name: Ehedydd Iâl) wrote the popular Welsh hymn, "Er nad yw 'nghnawd ond gwellt" (Literal translation: Though my flesh is nothing but straw) from under a tree in the orchard of Rhyd-y-Marchogion during a heavy storm of thunder and lightning.
  • 2. The elements of the natural basis are "multiplicative", namely, "T"yw="T"y "T"w whenever "l(yw)=l(y)+l(w)", where "l" denotes the length function on the Coxeter group "W".
  • Kelly Rounds (Castle Kilibury) in Triggshire is often proposed as the location of King Arthur's Celliwig, known from the Welsh poem "Pa Gwr yw y Porthawr?
  • The Black Book of Carmarthen includes poems that refer to Myrddin ("Ymddiddan Myrddin a Thaliesin", "Conversation of Merlin and Taliesin") and possibly to Arthur ("Pa ŵr yw'r Porthor?
  • Wyn Griffith, a tragedy based on a Welsh folk legend; and "Serch yw’r Doctor" ("Love’s the Doctor"), a comedy adapted by Saunders Lewis from Molière's L'Amour médecin, were produced by WNO in 1953 and 1960 respectively.

  • The same triad goes on to say Arthur's other courts were at Mynyw and Pen Rhionydd.
  • The people referred to in Greek texts as Blemmyes may have their earliest mention as Egyptian "Bwrꜣhꜣyw" in the Kushite enthronement stela of Anlamani from Kawa from the late seventh century BCE.
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