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Yacón [Smallanthus sonchifolius, Syn.: Polymnia edulis, P. sonchifolia]
Yacón {f}
Yacon syrup
Yaconsirup {m}
Yacon syrup
Yacon-Sirup {m}
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  • Yacón {f} = Yacón [Smallanthus sonchifolius, Syn.: Polymnia edulis, P. sonchifolia]
  • Yacon-Sirup {m} = Yacon syrup
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  • Rafael Piqueras presents the "pulpo a la parrilla con vinagreta de yacón" and "ceviche con espuma de ají amarillo", plates that he presented in Spain, in the gastronomical fair of Madrid.
  • The population devotes themselves to raising cattle, to the production of milk and to the culture of yacón, corn, carrots, swallows and coffee.
  • The major antioxidative compounds in yacon are chlorogenic acid and L-tryptophan. Yacon contains also different phenolic compounds. The phenolic compounds enable epiphytic bacterial growth with very specific metabolic properties, inhibiting the attack of pathogens. Polyphenols found in yacon leaves and bark produce an acrid and astringent flavour, as well as impart a typical odour. Polyphenols are also substrates for the enzymatic browning of damaged tissues in yacon root, giving it a greenish or black colour due to a condensation reaction of polyphenol compounds with amino acids and the enzymatic polymerization of polyphenols.
  • In 1990 YACON and DYSA amalgamated to form Youth Action and Policy Association (YAPA), while YAA (now YFoundations) continued as a peak for youth accommodation services. In March 2013, the organisation changed its common name from YAPA to Youth Action.
  • The health ministry published in August 2012, that caesium levels in tea made from "yacon" leaves and in samples of Japanese tea "shot through the ceiling" this year.

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