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Yarrow's spiny lizard [Sceloporus jarrovii, syn.: Sceloporus jarrovi]
Jarrov-Zaunleguan {m}
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  • The moth flies in two generations from mid-May to September and the larva feeds on yarrow and mugwort.
  • "Eriophyllum confertiflorum" gets its common name from the similar appearance of its inflorescence to the "true yarrow", which has white flowers.
  • Several cavity-nesting birds, including the common starling, use yarrow to line their nests.
  • Yarrow essential oil is a volatile oil including the chemical proazulene. The dark blue essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the flowers of yarrow ("Achillea millefolium").
  • Upland plants commonly found at vernal pools in California include yellow pansies, several sweet-scented clovers, yellow and bright lavender monkeyflowers, star lilies, and yarrow.

  • The term "bloodwort" can also apply to "Sanguinaria canadensis" (more often called bloodroot) or "Achillea millefolium" (more often called yarrow or common yarrow), in other families.
  • "Melanoplus yarrowii", known generally as the Yarrow's grasshopper or Yarrow's spur-throat grasshopper, is a species of spur-throated grasshopper in the family Acrididae.
  • Both adults and larvae feed on various grasses, usually on meadow foxtail, red fescue, timothy and yarrow (as illustrated).
  • Eggs are laid on the flowers of yarrow ("Achillea millefolium") and sneezewort ("Achillea ptarmica").
  • Other examples of sacred herbs include valerian, yarrow, hemp, and mugwort.

  • Note that the Yarrow algorithm is a particular algorithm for generating random numbers; while it is named after the yarrow-stalk method of consulting the "I Ching", its details are unrelated to it.
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