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Jesidentum {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Yazidism' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Jesidentum {n}relig.
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  • and followers of Mandaeism, Yazidism, Shabakism and Yarsan.
  • In Yazidism, the Silat Bridge is a bridge in Lalish that leads to the most holy Yazidi shrine.
  • A tiwaf is a type of religious festival in Yazidism.
  • is a holy figure venerated in Yazidism, he is considered one of the Seven Divine Beings, to all of whom God assigned the World's affairs, and his 13th century earthly incarnation is considered the founding patriarch of the Qatani lineage of Sheikhs.
  • Yazidis are an ethnoreligious group who live predominantly in northern Iraq. Their religion is known as Yazidism.

  • The village is populated by Kurds who adhere to Yazidism.
  • In Yazidism, the Earth is believed to have coagulated and formed when rennet flowed from the White Spring of the celestial Lalish in heaven into the Primeval Ocean.
  • Yazidism is a monotheistic ethnic religion with roots in a western branch of an Iranic pre-Zoroastrian religion.
  • The angel is also present in Yazidism.
  • The Kurdish dialects according to Mackenzie are classified as: 10% in Iran; and 9% in Syria. Yazidism shares with Kurdish Alevism and Yarsanism many similar qualities that date back to the pre-Islamic era.

  • Shehîd ibn Jerr ("Witness, son of the Jar"; also Shahîd ibn Jarr) is the name for Seth in Yazidism.
  • Ashutosh Bhardwaj wrote for the Indian newspaper "The Financial Express" that Murad's book "vividly details the customs and life of Yazidism" and that she "cites instances how the Yazidi stories were misinterpreted by the Sunnis who termed them 'devil worshippers [...].
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