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Yu the Great [大禹]
Yu {m} der Große
The Great and Secret Show: The First Book of "The Art" [Clive Barker]
Jenseits des Bösen
the Greatder Große <d. Gr.>
Theoderic (the Great)
Theoderich {m} (der Große)
Romulus the Great
Romulus der Große [Friedrich Dürrenmatt]
Alfred the Great
Alfred {m} der Große
Darius the Great
Darius {m} der Große
Alexander the Great
Alexander {m} der Große
the great outdoors(die) freie Natur {f}
Pachomius the Great
Pachomios {m} der Große
Theodoric the Great
Theoderich {m} der Große
the (great) deluge
die (große) Sintflut {f}
the great unknowndas große Unbekannte {n}
the great worlddie Vornehmen {pl}
Constantine the Great
Konstantin {m} der Große
Otto the Great
Otto {m} der Große
the (great) flood
die (große) Sintflut {f}
the Great Tribulation
die Große Trübsal {f} [Luther]
The Great Multiplication
Das große Einmaleins [Vicki Baum]
Cyrus the Great
Kyros {m} der Große
the (Great) Sanhedrin
der Hohe Rat {m}
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  • According to the "Records of the Grand Historian", these human body units caused inconsistency, and Yu the Great, another legendary figure, unified the length measurements.
  • After their era, Yu the Great founded the Xia Dynasty.
  • According to Chinese mythology, Yu the Great used a divine axe to cut the mountain ridge three times, creating the Sanmenxia gorges to prevent massive flooding.
  • Direct descendants of Huang Di of Hua Xia include descendants of Yellow Emperor and Chiyou during Xia Dynasty, also many sons and grandsons of Yu the Great, have taken Yang as surname, some of its sub-domains are the prominent Yang Jian of Zhou which take role as a Heavenly Marshal take his colony to seek peace after Zhou Dynasty win and erected his colony peacefully.
  • According to Chinese legend, Yu the Great used an iron ox to prevent flooding.

  • Han historian Sima Qian asserts that Xia was the name of the state enfeoffed to legendary king Yu the Great, and Yu used its name as his surname.
  • Xie is said to have helped Yu the Great to control the Great Flood and for his service to have been granted a place called Shang as a fief.
  • The first military parade on the Chinese mainland can be dated to over 4,000 years ago, when Yu the Great, a legendary ruler in ancient China, hosted a gathering of tribal forces from northern and southern China.
  • Yu the Great (大禹) was a legendary king in ancient China who was famed for his introduction of flood control, his establishment of the Xia dynasty which inaugurated dynastic rule in China, and his upright moral character.
  • Chinese mythology recounts that Yu the Great, the Chinese leader with a legendary ability for flood control techniques, was constantly taming the Huai River here in the Huai'an area.

  • Wu is considered one of the great heroes of China, together with Yellow Emperor and Yu the Great.
  • One account says that the brewer Yidi presented the first alcoholic beverage as a gift to the emperor Yu the Great [...] BC.
  • The surname traces back to the State of Xue in what is modern day Shandong. Yu the Great, founding emperor of the Xia dynasty, bestowed upon his minister Xi Zhong the title Marquis of Xue in gratitude for his invention of the Chinese chariot; Xi Zhong's descendants subsequently bore Xue as their clan name.
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