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Z-angle [also: z-angle]
Z-Winkel {m} [auch: z-Winkel]
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Übersetzung für 'Z angle' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Z-angle [also: z-angle]
Z-Winkel {m} [auch: z-Winkel]tech.
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  • The phase angle difference between voltage and current of each phase is not necessarily 0 and is dependent on the type of load impedance, "Z"y.
  • X is parallel to the b crystal axis and Z is inclined to the c crystal axis at an angle of 28.5°.
  • Some rotary incremental encoders have an additional "index" output (typically labeled Z), which emits a pulse when the shaft passes through a particular angle.
  • Henri Poincaré proved that the map "f" is essentially unique: if "z"0 is an element of "U" and φ is an arbitrary angle, then there exists precisely one "f" as above such that "f"("z"0) = 0 and such that the argument of the derivative of "f" at the point "z"0 is equal to φ.
  • In the "military projection", the angles of the "x" and "z"-axis and "y" and "z" -axis are at 45°, meaning that the angle between the "x"-axis and the "y"-axis is 90°.
  • is the angle between the "z" axis and the radius vector connecting the origin to the point in question, while [...] is the angle between the projection of the radius vector onto the "x-y" plane and the "x" axis.
  • As a consequence, "Z" coincides with "z", "α" and "γ" represent rotations about the same axis ("z"), and the final orientation can be obtained with a single rotation about "z", by an angle equal to [...].
  • Every non-trivial rotation is determined by its axis of rotation (a line through the origin) and its angle of rotation.
  • Light polarised at some angle to the axes will experience a different phase velocity for different polarization components, and cannot be described by a single index of refraction.
  • This shows that the rotation matrix and the axis-angle format are related by the exponential function.
  • The design minimises unintentional toe angle changes, which increases the stability of the handling.
  • The geometry is defined by a field of view angle (in the 'y' direction), as well as an aspect ratio.
  • The lead glass blocks from the OPAL barrel electromagnetic calorimeter are currently being re-used in the large-angle photon veto detectors at the NA62 experiment at CERN.
  • It is possible to imagine an airplane rotated by the above-mentioned Euler angles using the X-Y-Z convention.
  • However, there is an obvious ambiguity in defining the angle "θ": adding to "θ" any integer multiple of 2 [...] will yield another possible angle.
  • The various Euler angles relating the three reference frames are important to flight dynamics.
  • It is a composition of three rotations defined as the movement obtained by changing one of the Euler angles while leaving the other two constant.
  • The spherical coordinate systems used in mathematics normally use radians rather than degrees and measure the azimuthal angle counterclockwise from the [...] -axis to the [...] -axis rather than clockwise from north (0°) to east (+90°) like the horizontal coordinate system.
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