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NOUN   a Z boson | Z bosons
Z boson
Z-Boson {n}
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Z boson
Z-Boson {n}phys.
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  • It is also possible to produce pairs of top–antitop through the decay of an intermediate photon or Z-boson.
  • Weinberg's model, now known as the electroweak unification theory, had the same symmetry structure as that proposed by Glashow in 1961: both included the then-unknown weak interaction mechanism between leptons, known as neutral current and mediated by the Z boson.
  • has been ruled out by measurements of the decay widths of the Z boson at CERN's Large Electron–Positron Collider (LEP).
  • After the discovery of the W and Z boson, the UA1 collaboration went on to search for the top quark.
  • CLIC would also aim to measure the top quark electroweak couplings to the Z boson and the photon, as deviations of these values from those predicted by the Standard Model could be evidence of new physics phenomena, such as extra dimensions.
  • On the other hand, there were also great advances in fields such as physics, which saw the consolidation of quantum field theory at the end of the decade, mainly thanks to the confirmation of the existence of quarks and the detection of the first gauge bosons in addition to the photon, the Z boson and the gluon, part of what was christened in 1975 as the Standard Model.
  • The Z boson is a particle in nuclear physics.
  • Sometimes the term "electroweakinos" is used to refer to winos and binos and on occasion also higgsinos. Note that in other SUSY models the zino (...) is the superpartner of the Z boson.
  • The Schwinger model predicts magnetic monopoles at the electroweak unification scale, and does not predict the Z boson.
  • The detector determined the mass of the W-boson and Z-boson to within one part in a thousand.
  • It mixes with the superpartners of the Z boson (zino) and the neutral higgs (higgsino) to form the neutralino.
  • Since the superpartners of the Z boson (zino), the photon (photino) and the neutral higgs (higgsino) have the same quantum numbers, they can mix to form four eigenstates of the mass operator called "neutralinos".
  • The W-boson and the Z-boson get their masses through the Higgs mechanism; they do undergo mass renormalization through the renormalization of the electroweak theory.
  • The boson matrix for [...] is found by taking the [...] matrix from the [...] representation of [...] and adding an extra row and column for the right-handed neutrino.
  • For the weak interaction, the Z boson's mass is [...] , which prevents the formation of bound states between most particles, as it is [...] the proton's mass and [...] the electron's mass.
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