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NOUN   a Z-isomer | Z-isomers
Z-Isomer {n}
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Z-Isomer {n}chem.
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  • For acyclic substrates, the "Z"-isomer is typically the minor product due to the destabilizing gauche interaction in the transition state, but the selectivity is not usually high.
  • Entacapone is primarily metabolized to its glucuronide in the liver, and 5% are converted into the "Z"-isomer.
  • Another classic example is the use of a bulky Lewis acid to form the "E-"isomer of an ester over the preferred "Z"-isomer for cyclolactonization of medium rings.
  • With simple ylides, the product is usually mainly the Z-isomer, although a lesser amount of the E-isomer is often formed also – this is particularly true when ketones are used.
  • The initial reaction product is a 50:50 mixture of E and Z isomers but because both isomers equilibrate rapidly around their common hydroxyl precursor, the more stable Z-isomer can eventually be obtained.
  • The therapy uses a blue light (420–470 nm) that converts bilirubin into an (E,Z)-isomer that can be excreted in the urine and feces.
  • The enzyme CBCA synthase can cyclize either cannabigerolic acid or cannabinerolic acid (the "Z" isomer of CBGA) to form CBCA.
  • The arylazopyrazole switches developed by Fuchter out perform the ubiquitous azobenzene switches, demonstrating complete photoswitching in both directions and thermal half-lives of the "Z" isomer of up to 46 years.
  • Isofucosterol, or 28-Isofucosterol, sometimes incorrectly called Δ-5-Avenasterol, is the E–Z isomer of Fucosterol and position isomer of Δ-7-Avenasterol.
  • For most 1,2-disubstituted compounds that exhibit "cis"–"trans" isomerism, the "trans" ("E") isomer is more stable than the "cis" ("Z") isomer.
  • The commercial product typically exists as a mixture of 70% ("Z")-isomer and 30% ("E")-isomer.
  • It can undergo reversible photoisomerization induced by ultraviolet light, converting between the "E" and "Z" isomers, both of which are typically colorless compounds.
  • Citral is a collective term which covers two geometric isomers that have their own separate names; the "E"-isomer is named geranial ("trans"-citral) or citral A.
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