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zettabyte <ZB>
Zettabyte {n} <ZB>
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Übersetzung für 'ZB' von Englisch nach Deutsch

zettabyte <ZB>
Zettabyte {n} <ZB>comp.
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  • On 10 February 1993 Radio New Zealand closed down 89X and used the frequency to broadcast Newstalk ZB on FM in Auckland as well as the existing AM frequency that Newstalk ZB was broadcasting on.
  • In the early nineties Radio New Zealand began rolling Newstalk ZB out across the country.
  • Driver used to host the "Almost Monday" radio talkback show for New Zealand's nationwide Newstalk ZB radio station on Sunday evenings.
  • stands for "vzor", "Model" in Czech). ZB vz. 26 is incorrect nomenclature because "ZB-26" is a factory designation (Československá zbrojovka v Brně), while "vzor 26" or "vz.
  • The largest medical library in Europe is the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED), which also has collections in the fields of nutrition, agriculture, and environmental science.

  • This show was originally aired on Newstalk ZB in the Hāwera region when Newstalk ZB used the 1557 AM frequency.
  • It is predicted that the cubic phase of AlN (zb-AlN) can exhibit superconductivity at high pressures.
  • In 2012 Roxborogh was paired with Pam Corkery to create Newstalk ZB's Sunday night talkback programme "The Two".
  • As "e"−"x" and tanh("x") are not rational functions, exact solutions for za and zb are not possible, so some form of approximation has to be used.
  • At the same time Radio New Zealand began rolling out Newstalk ZB across the country.

  • In the early nineties, Radio New Zealand also began rolling Newstalk ZB out across the country.
  • In 2006 the 1557AM frequency originally used to broadcast 2ZH Radio Taranaki and later Newstalk ZB was reassigned to Coast with Newstalk ZB moving to 1278AM.
  • In the early nineties Radio New Zealand began rolling Newstalk ZB out across the country.
  • An initial series of five prototypes was procured by a consortium made up of the Furka Oberalp Bahn (FO) and the SBB-CFF-FFS, which wanted them for the Brünigbahn, now known as the Zentralbahn (zb).
  • In 1999 the German Science Council recommended Bonn University's agricultural library be merged with the ZB MED.

  • The ZB-50 is a heavy machine gun of Czechoslovak origin. It was the only recoil-operated weapon of its type from the ZB company.
  • The unit operates with a combat structure similar to the US Army Special Forces and the Australian 2nd Commando Regiment and is composed of four "squadrons" with a fourth set up by 2016; respectively ZB A, ZB B, ZB C and ZB D.
  • ] ZB (vocalized as Wa [...] zeb) or Ella Gabaz was a king of Axum (flourished mid 6th century).
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