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zearalenone <ZEA>
Zearalenon {n} <ZEA>
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Übersetzung für 'ZEA' von Englisch nach Deutsch

zearalenone <ZEA>
Zearalenon {n} <ZEA>chem.
  • Zearalenon {n} <ZEA> = zearalenone <ZEA>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • opilio" preys on the eggs of "Helicoverpa zea", a major agricultural pest, it can act as biological pest control for soybean crops.
  • According to an article published in Science Daily, researchers have found that members from a cotton bollworm species, "Helicoverpa zea", were Bt-resistant in some crop areas of Mississippi and Arkansas during 2003 and 2006.
  • Pests that attack this crop include the powdery mildew fungus "Erysiphe pisi", the pea aphid "Acyrthosiphon pisum", the corn earworm ("Heliothis zea"), the fall armyworm ("Spodoptera frugiperda"), and spider mites of genus "Tetranychus".
  • Several species of moths of agricultural importance that used to be placed in this genus now are classified as members of the genus "Helicoverpa", such as the corn earworm, "Helicoverpa zea".
  • The enzyme glucose oxidase, a component of saliva for the caterpillar "Helicoverpa zea", counteracts the production of induced defenses in tobacco.

  • Zea is a Greek bread made from farro or "zea," as it is known in Greek.
  • It is used as a biological control of a number of pests, such the army worm ("Mythimna unipuncta"), sugarcane leaf roller ("Omiodes accepta"), corn earworm ("Heliothis zea"), black cutworm ("Agrotis ipsilon"), and variegated cutworm ("Peridroma saucia").
  • Induction of Hemolin in moths after bacterial injection have been shown in several species including "Antheraea pernyi", "Bombyx mori", "Helicoverpa zea", "Heliothis virescens", "Hyphantria cunea", and "Samia cynthia".
  • "Rothia zea" is a moth of the family Noctuidae. This moth occurs in Madagascar.
  • "Heterodera zeae", the corn cyst nematode (CCN), is a plant parasitic nematode that feeds on "Zea mays" (maize/corn).

  • Research showed that spotted lady beetle larvae were an important cause of natural mortality for "Helicoverpa zea" eggs on sweet corn.
  • Extracts of the fruit bodies are toxic to the corn earworm, "Heliothis zea" and the large milkweed bug, "Oncopeltus fasciatus".
  • assulta is closely related to Helicoverpa armigera and Helicoverpa zea.
  • It includes a number of economically significant agricultural pest species, such as "Helicoverpa armigera" and "Helicoverpa zea".
  • The braconid wasp, "Microplitis croceipes", which deposits its eggs inside a living caterpillar, is an important parasitoid of both "C. virescens" and the related species "Helicoverpa zea".

  • avd-zea.com/castellano/el_boletin.php); and the Basque Law Classic Collection (“Euskal Zuzenbidearen Klasikoak Bilduma”).
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