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Zhou's box turtle [Cuora zhoui]
Zhou's Scharnierschildkröte {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Zhou's' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Zhou's box turtle [Cuora zhoui]
Zhou's Scharnierschildkröte {f}zool.T
  • Zhou's Scharnierschildkröte {f} = Zhou's box turtle [Cuora zhoui]
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  • "Jinzhouornis" was added by Hou, Zhou, and Zhang in 2002, and in 2008, Zhang, Zhou and Benton assigned the newly described genus "Eoconfuciusornis" to the family.
  • Xinzhou has numerous public high schools. And Xin Zhou Di Yi Zhong Xue (Xin Zhou Number One High School), is considered the most prestigious public high school in this region.
  • The Guanzhong region became the heartland of the Zhou after Jī clan leader Gugong Danfu relocated his people south from Bin (modern day Binzhou, Shaanxi) to evade the violent raidings by Xunyu, Xianyun and Di nomads.
  • Wuzhou, or Wu Prefecture (...), was a "zhou" (prefecture) in imperial China. It is in the border area of what is now southern Ningxia and Gansu, China. It was abolished in 958 under Later Zhou.
  • This all-female "zhou" monkey is written with a non-Unicode character, combining the 豸 radical and "zhou" 周 phonetic.

  • In 1046 BCE King Wu of Zhou defeated King Zhou of Shang and founded the Western Zhou dynasty with its capital at Chang'an (modern day Xi'an).
  • Both were abandoned in 771 BC during the Quanrong invasion that drove the Zhou out of the Wei River Valley and brought an end to its Western dynasty.
  • In 771 BCE, the Marquess of Shen invited the Quanrong to join him in an attack on King You of Zhou.
  • Zhou was born in Penglai, Shandong Province in April 1917.
  • — establishing a three-tier system composed of provinces (zhou), commanderies (jun), and counties (xian).

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