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a bad choiceein Griff {m} ins Klo [fig.] [salopp]
to make a bad choiceeine schlechte Wahl treffen
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  • In Job 2, it seems a bad choice because the likelihood of a reward is so low.
  • Deaker later apologised, stating "It was a bad choice of words and I apologise unreservedly".
  • Savitri returns to find her father speaking with Sage Narada who announces that Savitri has made a bad choice: although perfect in every way, Satyavan is destined to die one year from that day.
  • This makes Fuzzy qualitative simulation a bad choice for practical applications.
  • Lian Song came to Dong Hua to confirm these rumors and said that if Dong Hua wanted to take a wife, Zhi He is not a bad choice.
  • David James decided to go with only four foreigners on the pitch for Kerala and it proved a bad choice only seven minutes into the match as Coro found the net.
  • Some researchers perceive the root problem to be a weak discriminative network that fails to notice the pattern of omission, while others assign blame to a bad choice of objective function.
  • Initially one would achieve that with low profile tyres at 55 percent but in a prototype run (funded by the ministry of research) in 1976 it proved to be a bad choice, so later prototypes settled on 70 percent with two steps.
  • It's not because you, the listener, have a bad choice or are unfamiliar with poetry sorting.
  • The type locality, situated southwest of Ruhpolding (at Gschwendlbach near "Röthelmoos", "Urschlau") is a bad choice as it doesn't show the characteristic red radiolarites found elsewhere in the Austroalpine domain but only grey to red cherty limestones.
  • Initially, the company was called Not a Number Software, but the team quickly considered the name to be a bad choice and changed it to DrinkBox Studios.
  • Ken Capobianco of "The Boston Globe" called the song a "soggy duet" and thought it was a bad choice for "No Boys Allowed".
  • He wrote that the card had excessive fees, low credit limit and a high annual percentage rate that made it a bad choice for most users.
  • A 2003 PhD thesis made GHC support a kind of speculative execution with an abortion mechanism to back out in case of a bad choice called "optimistic execution".
  • Just as we may complain that XML is a bad choice, we could also object that a general-purpose language like Java is a poor choice for some tasks.
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