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a bit too much {adv}etwas zu viel
a bit too muchetwas zuviel [alt]
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to be a bit too muchein bisschen zu viel sein [ugs.]
to be a bit too much [fig.]ein bisschen zu weit gehen
a bit (too) longetwas (zu) lang
a bit too obviousetwas zu offensichtlich
a little too much {adv}etwas zu viel
a little bit too slow {adj}(um) einen Tick zu langsam [ugs.]
a great deal too muchviel zu viel
much too high a risk
ein allzu hohes Risiko {n}
It's a bit too loud.Es ist etwas arg laut.
to become too much for a personüberwältigend sein
too much of a good thingzu viel des Guten
to take a cup too much [idiom]zu tief ins Glas schauen [Redewendung]
in too much of a hurry {adv}auf die Schnelle [ugs.] [übereilt]
to take a cup too much [idiom] zu tief ins Glas gucken [ugs.] [hum.] [Redewendung] [auch: zu tief in das Glas gucken]
That's a bit much! [coll.]
Das ist ja ein starker Hund! [ugs.]
That's a bit much. [coll.]
Das ist starker Tobak. [ugs.]
That's a bit much! [coll.]Das ist eine Zumutung!
to have had a drop too much [idiom]zu tief ins Glas geschaut haben [Redewendung]
It seems a bit salty to me, too. Ich würde auch meinen, dass es etwas zu salzig ist.
That's expecting a bit much of ...Das ist doch nicht zumutbar für ...
too much of a coward to do sth.ein zu großer Feigling, um etw. zu tun
too much of a coward to do sth.zu feige, etw. zu tun
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Alice Chicoy is the wife of driver Johnny. He owns a small, rundown bus that makes side trips. Alice is the owner of a little restaurant in Rebel Corners and likes liquor a bit too much.
  • In his book "Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany", David Stubbs writes that "the aftermath of the war was most difficult for the Roedelius family" who didn't have "enough to live on and just a bit too much to die on".
  • Marisa Fox from "Entertainment Weekly" said that "Love Shoulda Brought You Home" "is a bit too much of an Anita Baker ”Real Love” clone".
  • A Los Angeles CityBeat review said that the director's effort shows a bit too much and that he wasn't able to pull it off.
  • Susumu and Tsuyoshi's Machine Robo Partner, he also has a strong sense of Justice like Police but a bit too much.

  • Carly (also played by Tim Conway) is a ditzy chef who appears to have drunken a bit too much 'Sauce'.
  • The two broke up in one episode when Barney pays a bit too much attention to an attractive newcomer to Mayberry.
  • After returning to the first team he stated that a talk with manager Rob Page helped him to calm down as he had put "a bit too much pressure" on himself after taking over the captaincy.
  • A blogger named Cyrus also spoke of a "less than satisfying ending" because there was possibly "a bit too much" left for the viewer to ponder.
  • According to Wheeler, some of the recorded performances sounded "a little bit rigid" because the band were "testing the editing powers of Pro Tools a bit too much".

  • In "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension", Ellen Barkin character Penny Priddy says "I guess I just soaked up a bit too much Vat 69 here."
  • "Nintendo Life" gave the game an 8/10 score, praising the gameplay, controls, enemies, weapons and music, while suggesting that the game borrowed from "Super C" a bit too much.
  • He seemed to observers to be an almost reluctant candidate, though, and a bit too much of a "mystic" for the Washington press corps.
  • I feel like I might smoke pot a bit too much, and I've done cigarettes."
  • The band "had been touring for about 200 days a year and it all got a bit too much because there was never any time to do anything else".

  • "Lars Farf, excessively fearful father and husband" deals with the paranoia that cripples a father who cares a bit too much about the safety of his family.
  • After messing things up a bit too much and getting himself stuck in an ancient version of Mars—and inside the Martian wizard Khretef—he is faced with a difficult decision, which will affect the course of life in the entire solar system: will he save Earth or will he save Mars?
  • Whereas Simon Swift of Soaplife magazine commented on the fact that on first looks he couldn't help feeling that Eddie and his clan are a bit too much like original neighbours-from-hell the Battersbys.
  • The BBC commented on "Stargazing", "While the lyrics for 'Stargazing' may be rather saccharine—rhyming 'star gazing' with 'amazing' is a bit too much to take—the pace and structure (along with all-important key change) makes it pretty special—which can be said about all the tracks here.
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