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a first-rate connectioneine erstklassige Verbindung {f}
to be first-rate / second-rateerste / zweite Garnitur sein
connection rate
Verbindungs­rate {f}
first-rate {adj}hervorragend
first rate {adj}erstklassig
first-rate {adj}erstrangig
first-rate {adj}ersten Ranges [nachgestellt]
first-rate {adj}hochkarätig [fig.] [ugs.] [vorzüglich]
first-rate {adj}erstklassig
first-rate {adj}vorzüglich
first-rate {adj}ausgezeichnet
on a first-come, first-served basis {adv}
nach dem Windhundprinzip
first-rate restaurantausgezeichnetes Restaurant {n}
first-rate artisterstklassiger Künstler {m}
first-rate cookvorzüglicher Koch {m}
first-rate producerhervorragender Produzent {m}
first-rate pupilhervorragender Schüler {m}
first-rate dinnervorzügliches Essen {n}
first-rate qualityerste Qualität {f}
first-rate library
erstklassige Bibliothek {f}
first-rate reputationvorzüglicher Ruf {m}
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  • The connection between the external stimulus to the spiking probability is made in two steps: First, a receptor cell model translates the raw external stimulus to neurotransmitter concentration, then, a spiking neuron model connects between neurotransmitter concentration to the firing rate (spiking probability).
  • As part of that release, the tool UPCFS saw its first release which enabled a claimed 86% compatibility rate with existing decompressed UEF files allowing them to be transferred to a real BBC Micro using a custom User Port cable that presents an RS-232 capable connection to a PC.
  • Automatic baud rate detection (ABR, autobaud) refers to the process by which a receiving device (such as a modem) determines the speed, code level, start bit, and stop bits of incoming data by examining the first character, usually a preselected sign-on character (syncword) on a UART connection.
  • The first recorded use of the word was employed by the press in 1906 to avoid the "short and ugly word" (liar) in connection with the "mutual accusations of inveracity" which arose between President Theodore Roosevelt and Senator Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina over the railroad rate bill.
  • The design within the two towers will include condominiums, market-rate rental units, two hotels and commercial space with open space and a connection to California Plaza.

  • Furthermore, the connection to the motor neurons establishes a negative feedback system that may regulate the firing rate of the motor neurons.
  • However, if pages were downloaded at this rate from a website with more than 100,000 pages over a perfect connection with zero latency and infinite bandwidth, it would take more than 2 months to download only that entire Web site; also, only a fraction of the resources from that Web server would be used.
  • While not mentioning the church or a high-profile member, the October 1998 "Giving and Sharing an American Tradition" USPS stamp has a deep Adventist connection.
  • Phillipa Flowerday (1846–1930) was the first nurse appointed to work in connection with an industrial concern, generally considered the first industrial nurse.
  • In connection with the growth rate in Azov sea port, many freight trains started proceeding in state through the station.

  • Researchers from Oregon State University and Hatchery employees were able to work together to make the connection between early larval mortality and upwelling conditions that negatively impacted the entire west coast shellfish industry.
  • Apart from his business life Templeton had important positions in connection with the Volunteers, the militia, and the rifle clubs.
  • Morley, Frederick John Vine and Drummond Hoyle Matthews made the connection to seafloor spreading in the Morley–Vine–Matthews hypothesis which soon led to the development of the theory of plate tectonics.
  • Additionally, many telecommunications providers now offer hosted PBX systems where the provider actually hosts the PBX and the phone handsets are connected to it through an internet connection.
  • The provisions of the Act were considered by Scottish Ministers to be necessary or proportionate in connection with the cost of living.

  • Watkins in 1879, who had no connection with the theatrical profession but who after became her business manager.
  • The version released in China features an eSim data connection.
  • ' Apparently entirely independently Samezō Kuruma was also in 1929 drawing attention to the decisive importance of Crisis theory in Marx's writings, and made the explicit connection between Crisis theory and the theory of imperialism.
  • One of the staples of the Chicago GEAR UP Alliance is the "Freshman Connection" program.
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