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a godless lifeein gottloses Leben {n}
godless {adj}gottlos
Life's / Life is a bitch. [sl.]
Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert. [ugs.]
Life's / Life is a bitch. [sl.]Das Leben ist scheiße. [vulg.]
Life's / Life is a bitch. [sl.] Das Leben ist eins / eines der härtesten. [ugs.] [hum.]
Life's / Life is a bitch. [sl.]Das Leben ist hart.
Life's / Life is a bitch. [sl.]
Das Leben ist kein Zuckerschlecken. [ugs.]
a future lifeein zukünftiges Leben {n}
a stormy lifeein stürmisches Leben {n}
a vacant lifeein nichtssagendes Leben {n}
Get a life!
Werd doch mal erwachsen!
to lead a lifeein Leben führen
a full lifeein ganzes Leben {n}
What a life!Was für ein Leben!
a full lifeein volles Leben {n}
a withdrawn lifeein zurückgezogenes Leben {n}
a hectic lifeein hektisches Leben {n}
a miserable lifeein elendes Leben {n}
a wild lifeein bewegtes Leben {n}
a luxurious lifeein luxuriöses Leben {n}
a writer's life
Schriftstellerleben {n} [das Leben eines Schriftstellers]
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  • The concept of educating Catholics and Protestants together was dealt a further blow when in the 1840s the Catholic bishops objected to the "Godless" Queen's Colleges, loudly seconded—despite the pleas of Duffy's fellow Young Irelander, Thomas Davis that "the reasons for separate education are reasons for separate life"—by Daniel O'Connell.
  • In "A New Theory" he confirmed his belief in a divine creator of life, damning the "ignorant attempts which have been made to substitute a godless Pantheism for both natural and revealed religion; to dissociate the universe from its Creator, and resuscitate the defunct Goddess of Reason which the indignation of outraged society dethroned and buried some eighty years ago".
  • Trabucco, the peddler, tries to sell them his wares; Fra Melitone chastises them for their godless ways; and Preziosilla leads them in a chorus in praise of the military life ("Rataplan, rataplan, della gloria" – "Rum-tum-tum on the drum is the music that makes a soldier's martial spirit rise").
  • In his hometown, he founded and was deeply involved with the Las Vegas Freethought Society, which he described as "a local group of fun godless heathens in Sin City."
  • Schitz is a godless libertine.

  • Critic Perry Gettelman interpreted them as meaning to "signify the emptiness of modern, godless life".
  • Throughout the Second Red Scare of the late 1940s and 1950s, the fear of the "Godless communist" rooted itself as an epithet and a warning to the United States in a changing global environment.
  • The lead actress, Lina Basquette, named her autobiography, "Lina: DeMille's Godless Girl", after the film.
  • In 2018, Carter starred as Sadie Rose in the Netflix western TV series "Godless" starring alongside Michelle Dockery, Merritt Wever, and Jeff Daniels.
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