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a / one meter thick {adj} [Am.]meterdick [einen Meter dick]
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Übersetzung für 'a one meter thick' von Englisch nach Deutsch

a / one meter thick {adj} [Am.]
meterdick [einen Meter dick]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • It was a massive three-storey rectangular fortress with one-meter thick walls, with little resemblance with the high tower diaolous built four centuries later.
  • The double wall is over one meter thick and contains secret staircases and a well.
  • In March 2021, Alexey dived 80 meters, or approximately 262 feet, beneath the one-meter-thick icy surface and back up on a single breath.
  • The walls of the house, built of stones and cement and covered with a thick white plaster, were preserved to a height of about one meter.
  • This is a thick-stemmed sedge which grows singly or in clumps and reaches maximum heights over a meter.
  • The thick (two meters at the bottom, tapered to one meter on top) outer walls of tulous were immune to arrows and gunfire.
  • It consists of one to three meter thick pegmatitic peridotite and troctolite with disseminated sulfide minerals.
  • The building was made of brick with walls one meter thick.
  • Its walls are one meter thick, and the stones are held together with lime mortar.
  • It is a small perennial herb or subshrub with dark gray-green oval-shaped leaves on hairy green stems that grow to a maximum height of one meter.
  • The walls were usually not very high (not exceeding one meter) and were very thick (Silverman 1986: 196).
  • This is a perennial herb forming thick, tangled clumps of hairy to hairless stems up to a meter in length.
  • The stems may reach anywhere from 10 centimeters in height to over a meter and sprawling, and they are often covered in small, stiff hairs.
  • The plant has a white to pink erect stem usually not exceeding half a meter in height, which may branch several times.
  • The round tower has five-meter-thick walls and an outer diameter of 15 meters.
  • Other studies predict that one cubic meter of porous basalt has the potential to sequester 47 kilograms of injected carbon dioxide.
  • in a distance of about a meter.
  • The plant grows erect to around 80 centimeters in maximum height, but is known to reach one meter.
  • In the passenger version, seats were arranged inside the 2.3-meter thick (7 ft 7 in) wings.
  • Metaklett is claimed to support shear strength 35 tonnes per square meter at temperatures up to 800 °C.
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