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a / one metre thick {adj} [Br.]meterdick [einen Meter dick]
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Übersetzung für 'a one metre thick' von Englisch nach Deutsch

a / one metre thick {adj} [Br.]
meterdick [einen Meter dick]
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  • While the cliff is only a little more than one metre thick, its height is about 25 m and its length about 20.
  • James Walker designed the lighthouse, which is a white square tower of sandstone, with walls more than one metre thick, surrounded by a turreted parapet.
  • Frozen carbon dioxide accumulates as a comparatively thin layer about one metre thick on the north cap in the northern winter, while the south cap has a permanent dry ice cover about 8 m thick.
  • Essentially the white plasmodial phase is a single cell; one example of "Brefeldia maxima" in North Wales is recorded to have covered whole tree stumps, was a centimetre thick with a surface area of over a square metre and weighed up to around 20 kg - therefore technically amongst the largest cells known.
  • The Upper Harz miners had, however, learned from experience that grass sods or turves made excellent grouting; by placing them one on top of another, in a similar fashion to building a wall, a layer of sods up to a metre thick would be built into the dam which ensured that it remained watertight.
  • The area is wild and largely vegetated by heather about one metre thick, with some acidic grassland and bracken.
  • This bunker of an unknown type was of Reinforced Field Order standard being constructed with concrete over one metre thick.
  • The mine contains at least two gold reefs, with the deepest one metre thick.
  • The major part of the catchment consists of generally fine grained felspathic sandstone beds up to one metre thick interbedded with dark grey shale and siltstone of Middle to Upper Ordovician age.
  • high and its walls are one metre thick at ground level.
  • About 20 fruits per square metre of crown can be produced by one tree in a good year.
  • There is a dark musty, narrow, steep staircase concealed in the metre-thick wall to the floor above.
  • He fitted the pipes to a nine-metre-long solid oak plank, which was one metre wide at the base.
  • Built against the southern rear face of the Wall, the fort was defended by 6 metre thick turf ramparts and surrounded by defensive ditches.
  • Ground floor levels are concrete, over approximately one metre of graded packed rock.
  • In the 30-metre-long and 15-metre-wide chaos room a partial collapse of the ceiling has happened so that big limestone blocks and slabs were covering the floor.
  • On the roadbed and in tunnels, circular upstands, measuring 400–520 mm in diameter and 200 mm high, are located at 5-metre intervals.
  • The Goloring consists of a circular ditch of 175 metres in diameter with an outside embankment extending to 190 metres.
  • To the east of the choir of the present chapel on a terrace seven metres below, a square foundation of 3.4 metres edge length was found, surrounded by a fire layer in which remains of stove tiles were found.
  • The wall had 77 semi-circular towers (flat and integrated into the curtain wall on the town side) at 60-metre intervals.
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