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a / the special someonejemand Besonderes {m} {f}
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Übersetzung für 'a the special someone' von Englisch nach Deutsch

a / the special someone
jemand Besonderes {m} {f}
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  • The Bachelor of Science in Law degree (BScL) is a special-purpose degree that allows someone who has had some prior studies but has not achieved a bachelor's degree to resume his or her education and take up the study of law with the goal of eventually receiving the juris doctor degree.
  • Another feature of Argentine cuisine is the preparation of homemade food such as french fries, patties, and pasta to celebrate a special occasion, to meet friends, or to honour someone.
  • People also use quotation marks in this way to distance the writer from the terminology in question so as not to be associated with it, for example to indicate that a quoted word is not official terminology, or that a quoted phrase presupposes things that the author does not necessarily agree with; or to indicate special terminology that should be identified for accuracy's sake as someone else's terminology, as when a term (particularly a controversial term) pre-dates the writer or represents the views of someone else, perhaps without judgement (contrast this neutrally distancing quoting to the negative use of scare quotes).
  • Nearby the Block "A" is the lighted "A" atop the Old Main tower, which shines white throughout the entire valley, and blue on nights when a varsity sport has picked up a victory, or other special events have occurred on campus.
  • This form of life estate arises where a life tenant has disposed of the property, assuming such a disposal does not trigger any special forfeiture under the life interest instrument.
  • His father, a freemason, was unusually highly educated for someone of his class, and placed special importance on a good education for his children.
  • The list of built-in certificates is also not limited to those provided by the browser developer: users (and to a degree applications) are free to extend the list for special purposes such as for company intranets.
  •  A list of potential diagnoses is termed the “differential diagnosis” for the patient and is typically ordered from most likely to least likely, with special attention given to those conditions that have dire consequences for the patient if they were missed.
  • The Acehnese authorities passed a series of by-laws governing the implementation of Sharia after the enactment of the province's Special Autonomy Law in 2001.
  • Reiser was known by his friends as someone who had a very special mind of his own.
  • At the extreme end, explanation has been thought of in a restricted sense as a special type of telling which goes beyond description.
  • This special event featured the New York Police Department marching drum and bagpipe band conducted by Richard Gibbs, as well as a group of backup singers to enhance the more melodic choruses Davis used on the album.
  • Cole's mother finally accepts the fact that her son has a special ability and tearfully embraces him.
  • If a special baby care room is available for breastfeeding, women are not required to use it unless they wish to.
  • The motion also asked the bishops "to look into special services for transgender people."
  • The right person would receive it, as anybody else would only see themselves using the Stone due to the Mirror's special magic.
  • "SIMULA I" was born, a special purpose programming language for simulating discrete event systems.
  • No proof of special damages is required. However, to recover full compensation a plaintiff should be prepared to prove actual damages.
  • In the fields of the Andes, there was special emphasis where maize would be planted and it was taken seriously where the maize fields would be located.
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