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NOUN   an abacus | abacuses / abaci
abaci {pl}
Abaki {pl}
abaci {pl}
Abakusse {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'abaci' von Englisch nach Deutsch

abaci {pl}
Abaki {pl}archi.

Abakusse {pl}archi.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A frieze carved with swags of oak garlands in bold relief, hung from the abaci of the capitals, passes between them, creating a richly sculptural unbroken band across the façade.
  • The most significant remains of monumental Mauryan art include the remains of the royal palace and the city of Pataliputra, a monolithic rail at Sarnath, the Bodhimandala or the altar resting on four pillars at Bodhgaya, the rock-cut chaitya-halls in the Barabar Caves near Gaya including the Sudama cave bearing the inscription dated the 12th regnal year of Ashoka, the non-edict bearing and edict bearing pillars, the animal sculptures crowning the pillars with animal and vegetal reliefs decorating the abaci of the capitals and the front half of the representation of an elephant carved out in the round from a live rock at Dhauli.
  • Heriger is also the author of an arithmetical work entitled "Regulæ de numerorum abaci rationibus".
  • The semicircular front portico and the square mounted abaci on top of the brick columns resemble those of former State Capitol built in 1840.
  • A similar ornament covers lintel stones, abaci of the columns, individual parts of the archivolt and a hand of eight-pointed stars trimming the portal in a rectangular frame.
  • The soroban is also the basis for two kinds of abaci developed for the use of blind people.
  • This is the design that was adopted by India in the 3rd century BCE for some of its sculptural friezes, such as on the abaci of the Pillars of Ashoka, or the central design of the Pataliputra capital, probably through the Seleucid Empire or Hellenistic cities such as Ai-Khanoum.
  • Before Renaissance, they were various types of abaci.
  • Square plinths with decorative moulding support shafts with unusual capitals which have abaci with such extensive chamfering that they are almost circular.
  • The tower has a rib vault in which the ribs are moulded and rest on columns with rounded abaci.
  • The East front also has a pediment, which breaks back in its centre; it is decorated with abaci and fragments of entablature above pilasters that stand on rusticated bases.
  • blocks, or stacks; base ten blocks (also known as Dienes or multibase blocks); interlocking linking cubes (such as Unifix); construction sets (such as Polydron and Zometool); colored tiles or tangrams; pattern blocks; colored counting chips; numicon tiles; chainable links; abaci such as "rekenreks", and geoboards.
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