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aback {adv} [archaic]rückwärts
aback {adv} [archaic]zurück
aback {adv}
2 Wörter
taken aback {adj} {past-p}erstaunt
taken aback {adj} {past-p}bestürzt
taken aback {adj}sprachlos
taken aback {adj} {past-p}verblüfft
taken aback {adj} {past-p}überrascht
taken aback {adj}verdattert [ugs.]
taken aback {adj} {past-p}betroffen [bestürzt]
to brace aback
gegen den Mast brassen
to take abackverdutzen
to take aback [surprise]überraschen
to take sb. aback [shock]jdn. schockieren
3 Wörter
to be taken abackstutzig werden
to be taken abackbestürzt sein
to be taken abackverblüfft sein
to be taken abacküberrascht sein
to be taken abackstutzen [überrascht, verblüfft sein]
5+ Wörter
I was completely taken aback.Ich war völlig perplex. [ugs.]
I was completely taken aback.Mir verschlug es (völlig) den Atem.
to be taken aback (at / by sth.)(über etw.Akk.) erstaunt sein
to be taken aback by sb.'s answerüber jds. Antwort verblüfft sein
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "We are at the moment looking to re-finance that loan. We were taken aback that the funder was not more flexible with us as partners.
  • Apparently taken aback by the critical reception of this novel, and the critical outcry when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962, Steinbeck published no more fiction in the remaining six years before his death.
  • The band members decided to keep publicity down during the recording of their fourth album, as the group was taken aback by such press surrounding "Infinity on High".
  • Teammates and fans were sometimes taken aback when he recited Shakespearean verse during games or carried on conversations with himself in the outfield.
  • She is somewhat taken aback to discover that he is in his 30s.

  • Hardy himself was taken aback by the failure to recognise his dry humour, as in the (slightly bawdy) 'Bride-Night Fire'.
  • The article said his lawyers, Paul Rashkind, was taken aback when told of these assertions, and questioned whether the McClatchy interviewer may have been taken in by an impostor.
  • Ajit died of a sudden heart attack. The film industry was taken aback by the sudden death and lavished many tributes.
  • General Damrémont was taken aback in Algiers when he learned that the eastern suburbs of the Casbah of Algiers were in turmoil under the blows of untimely attacks by rebels affiliated with "Emir Abdelkader".
  • She is taken aback and says she “will think about it", angering her mother Bunny.

  • Arjun (Shiv Panditt) comes to Mumbai to visit his fiancé Maya (Nataša Stanković). He reaches the City court to meet her and is taken aback when he is not able to find her anywhere.
  • Under sail this is accomplished by using the mainsail with a small jib slightly aback.
  • Taken aback, they retreated, burning some houses in the suburb of Fives.
  • Even the sympathizers of Ostrovsky were taken aback, Leo Tolstoy among them.
  • On his cremation ceremony, Vijay’s father in law takes his daughter and grandson to his house. It is then Atmaram is broken and taken aback.

  • Then, taken aback, she recognizes him: it is Orest who has come back in disguise.
  • Jones when finding out and taken aback by who he was, performed an impromptu duet of the song with Peter.
  • Gargamel's cat Azrael is taken aback when he hears the voice of his master coming from Papa Smurf's body and goes his own way, overwhelmed by confusion.
  • The Upper School resides at the suburban [...] campus set aback from Wilmot Road in suburban New Rochelle, approximately [...] north of Midtown Manhattan.
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