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NOUN   an abbot | abbots
SYNO abbot | archimandrite
Abt {m}
Klostervorsteher {m} [Abt]
2 Wörter
abbot general
Generalabt {m}
abbot president [as title: Abbot President]
Abtpräses {m} [lat. abbas praeses]
abbot primate
Abtprimas {m}
Abtbischof {m}
abbot's cross
Abtkreuz {n}
abbot's cross
Abtskreuz {n}
abbot's seal
Abtssiegel {n} [auch: Abtsiegel]
commendatory abbot [abbas in commendam]
Kommendatarabt {m}
imperial abbot
Reichsabt {m}
Fürstabt {m}
reformist abbot
Reformabt {m}
4 Wörter
consecration of an abbot
Abtsweihe {f}
election of an abbot
Abtwahl {f} [Wahl eines Abtes]
election of the abbot
Abtwahl {f} [Wahl des Abtes]
election of the abbot
Abtswahl {f} [Abtwahl] [Wahl des Abts]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
Abbot's tanager [Tangara abbas, syn.: Thraupis abbas]
Abttangare {f} [auch: Abt-Tangare]
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  • Abbot-Ducker {m} = Abbott's duiker [Cephalophus spadix]
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  • In 1486 Ryōan Keigo became the 171st abbot of Tōfuku-ji. At the end of the 16th century Ankokuji Ekei was appointed abbot. From 1980 to 2009 Tōfuku-ji has been led by head abbot Keidō Fukushima.
  • Euspicius became the first abbot of Micy Abbey. Upon his death in 510, Mesmin became abbot.
  • Abbot Oderisius had died on 2 December 1105, and had been succeeded by Abbot Otto, who died on 1 October 1107.
  • In 1682 the abbot Claude Petit refurbished the abbot's lodgings and the cloister, while the fortification wall was demolished and the defensive ditch filled in.
  • A territorial abbey (or territorial abbacy) is a particular church of the Catholic Church comprising defined territory which is not part of a diocese but surrounds an abbey or monastery whose abbot or superior functions as ordinary for all Catholics and parishes in the territory.

  • The present abbot of Serpom is Kyabje Yongyal and its acting abbot is Jampa Khetsun. The present abbot of Shar Ganden is Lobsang Jinpa.
  • In 1983 Tenshin Reb Anderson received shiho (Dharma Transmission) from Richard Baker. Anderson succeeded him as abbot, and later co-abbot.
  • In 1920 abbot Chede (...) raised funds to built a main hall.
  • The founding abbot was Tenshin Tanouye. The current abbot is Daian Sayama.
  • In 1924 he became elected Abbot of Pont-Colbert, after the death of abbot Maréchal and the same year ordained by Mgr Diepen and abbot Thomas Schoen.

  • Building works were carried out under Theodore Van Brakel (abbot 1465-1486), Jan Van Der Moere (abbot 1486-1514), Philippe de Hosdin (abbot 1553-1569), and Arnould Eynthouts (abbot 1593-1607).
  • He was elected abbot in late 1498 and received his consecration from the Münsteran auxiliary bishop Heinrich Schodehoet.
  • He joined the monastery at Poitou and took the name Maxentius. In about 500 he was elected abbot, succeeding Abbot Agapitus. In old age he retired from the office of abbot and became a hermit.
  • Waltheof seems to have become abbot of Crowland late in his life, but this Waltheof may be someone else.
  • Abbot Artemy (игумен Троицкого монастыря Артемий; Артемий Троицкий) was a Russian abbot condemned for heresy in the time of Ivan the Terrible along with Matvei Bashkin and, in absentia, Feodosij Kosoj.

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