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to abide by sb./sth. fest bei jdm./etw. bleiben [sich fest an jdn./etw. halten]
to abide by sth.an etw.Dat. festhalten
to abide by sth.etw.Akk. einhalten [befolgen]
to abide by sth.sichAkk. an etw.Akk. halten [etw. befolgen]
to abide by sth. [rule, regulation, etc.]etw.Akk. befolgen [Regel, Vorschrift etc.]
to abide by a contractsich an einen Vertrag halten
to abide by a decisionsich an einen Entschluss halten
to abide by a decisionsich an eine Entscheidung halten
to abide by the lawsich an das Gesetz halten
to abide by a promisesich an ein Versprechen halten
to abide by the regulationssich an die Vorschriften halten
to abide by the contractsich an den Vertrag halten
to abide by the regulationsich an die Vorschrift halten
to abide by an awardeinen Schiedsspruch annehmen
to abide by the rulessich an die Regeln halten
to abide by the law
das Gesetz befolgen
to abide by a ruleeine Regel einhalten
to abide by an agreementsichAkk. an eine Vereinbarung halten
to abide by a promiseein Versprechen halten
to abide by one's promisezu seinem Versprechen stehen
to abide sb./sth.jdn./etw. ertragen
to abide sb./sth.jdn./etw. ausstehen [ertragen, aushalten]
to abide sth. [accept, tolerate]etw.Akk. hinnehmen [aushalten, ertragen]
to abide with sb./sth. [stay]bei jdm./etw. bleiben
to abideaushalten
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  • For example, the countries constituting the European Union have agreed to abide by some Union-wide measures which restrict their absolute sovereignty in some ways, e.g., the use of the metric system of measurement instead of national units previously used.
  • Once an individual swore to abide by the electoral capitulation, he assumed the office of King of the Romans.
  • Although the GIMPS software's source code is publicly available, technically it is not free software, since it has a restriction that users must abide by the project's distribution terms.
  • Cleveland objected to the act in principle and his steadfast refusal to abide by it prompted its fall into disfavor and led to its ultimate repeal in 1887.
  • Although a dispute arising within free-trade areas is not subject to litigation at the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body, "there is no guarantee that WTO panels will abide by them and decline to exercise jurisdiction in a given case".

  • "I cannot promise to abide by all the laws of the United States", he said, "because if there is an unjust law that has to be broken to further divine purposes, I will break it".
  • Its support for political and diplomatic efforts to end the war has been relatively consistent, but it has taken no effective steps to abide by repeated pledges to demand accountability for the war crimes and crimes against humanity that were routinely committed in Congo.
  • France insisted on its ownership, and a lengthy diplomatic correspondence between Mexico and France led to the conclusion of a treaty on 2 March 1909, to seek binding international arbitration by King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, with each nation promising to abide by his determination.
  • Khmelnytsky stormed out of the church and threatened to cancel the entire treaty. The Cossacks decided to rescind the demand and abide by the treaty.
  • Additional rules include requiring resident hall students to abide by a campus curfew of 11:00 pm, with lights out at midnight.

  • An example for those wishing to abide by a published standard is "The Laws of Rubber Bridge" as published by the American Contract Bridge League.
  • Moreover, the French did not accept any obligation to abide by the Potsdam agreements in the proceedings of the Allied Control Council.
  • On June 13, 2002, the US withdrew from ABM (having given notice 6 months earlier). The next day, Russia declared it would no longer abide by the START II treaty, which had not entered into force.
  • This regulation has proven to be effective since counties, cities and tribal regions must abide by these standards and the EPA also provides assistance for each region to regulate contaminants.
  • In November 2016, following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, Klein called for an international campaign to impose economic sanctions on the United States if his administration refuses to abide by the terms of the Paris Agreement.

  • In other countries, such as Australia, and the UK, no such legislation exists; however, practically all certifying bodies maintain a code of ethics independent of legislation, that they expect all members to abide by or risk expulsion.
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