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acceptance environment
Abnahmeumgebung {f}
environmentUmwelt {f}
environmentAußenwelt {f}
environmentAusstattung {f}
environmentUmweltsbild {n} [selten]
environmentMilieu {n}
environmentUmfeld {n} [Milieu, Einflüsse, Bedingungen]
environmentUmgebung {f}
modality environment
Modalitätsumgebung {f}
aqueous environment
Feuchtbiotop {n} {m}
desert environmentWüstenumgebung {f}
residential environmentWohnumfeld {n}
social environmentsoziales Umfeld {n}
social environmentgesellschaftliches Umfeld {n}
depositional environment
Ablagerungs­raum {m}
project environment
Projektumfeld {n}
operating environmentBetriebskonfiguration {f}
trading environmentHandelsumfeld {n}
legal environment
Rechtsumfeld {n}
environment analysis
Umfeldanalyse {f}
environment department
Umweltressort {n}
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  • According to many theories that have gained wide acceptance among anthropologists, culture exhibits the way that humans interpret their biology and their environment.
  • The organization "Novo kulturno naselje" was founded by Bistrica locals in 2014 with the main focus of promoting culture (especially among the youth in the context of creative expression through cultural-artistic programs), protecting the environment, promoting tolerance and acceptance in the community, and for Bistrica having its own cultural center (located in the area of the former seat of the Podunavlje municipality).
  • Accident potential and effect on the environment are critical to social acceptance of nuclear fusion, also known as a social license.
  • Instead, it has had to rely on limited law enforcement activity in an environment that has a long history of tolerance and acceptance of criminality and is governed by the omertà.
  • In March of that year the Weightless Environment Test model "WET" underwent acceptance activities at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.

  • To ensure consistent results, the performance testing environment should be isolated from other environments, such as user acceptance testing (UAT) or development.
  • A therapist cannot be completely non-directive; however, a nonjudgmental, accepting environment that provides unconditional positive regard will encourage feelings of acceptance and value.
  • Under the social discipline model, sociograms are sometimes used to reduce misbehavior in a classroom environment.
  • Proponents of Noble's disciplinary code state that the school culture is set up to challenge students and set up a better educational environment.
  • The system was developed by Norbert Lantschner, a former administrator of the Office "Air Noise" of the Italian Regional Agency for Protection of the Environment.

  • Power distance is a significant dimension in cross-cultural environments that it unconsciously influences people's behavior in different countries, which contributes to so-called "cultural norms", which are shaped by perceptions and acceptance of power inequality to a certain degree.
  • Economic adaptation required a certain amount of interaction with a larger commercial environment, from working for an American farmer to doing business with the seed dealer, the banker, and the elevator operator.
  • The use of this standard has not gained much acceptance outside the environmental industry.
  • The lamination of this sandwich encapsulates the circuit, protecting it from the environment.
  • The result of the activities of scientists will be the development of a number of solutions to monitor the environment and infrastructure, and to counteract the so-called anthropopression, i.e.

  • This type of testing focuses on the operational readiness of the system to be supported, and/or to become part of the production environment.
  • The safety and efficiency of flights have been increased with improved pilot understanding of the aircraft's situation relative to its environment (or "situational awareness").
  • This in turn can help to allow the individual with ASD to relate better to their environment and have better social interactions with others.
  • He declared his priorities as: defending civil liberties; devolving the running of public services to parents, pupils and patients; and protecting the environment.
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