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acceptance liabilityAkzepthaftung {f}
acceptance liabilityWechselobligo {n}
acceptance liabilityWechselverbindlichkeit {f}
Verbindlichkeit {f}
Verpflichtung {f}
Haftung {f}
Haftpflicht {f}
Obligo {n}
Haftbarkeit {f}
Passivposten {m}
Passiva {pl}
general liabilityvolle Haftung {f}
indemnity liabilityAbfindungs­verpflichtung {f}
absolute liabilityvolle Haftung {f}
mandatory liability
(gesetzlich) zwingende Haftung {f}
legal liability
Rechtsschuld {f}
liability [burden]Belastung {f}
corporate liability
Unternehmenshaftung {f}
collision liability
Kollisionshaftung {f}
lease liability
Leasingverbindlichkeit {f}
liability managementVerwaltung {f} der Passivkonten
contractual liabilityvertragliche Verpflichtung {f}
political liabilitypolitische Verantwortung {f}
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  • It was established in 1862, just after the acceptance of limited liability for banks.
  • Besides contesting the accuracy of an allegation made against the defendant in the proceeding, the defendant may also make allegations against the prosecutor or plaintiff or raise a defense, arguing that, even if the allegations against the defendant are true, the defendant is nevertheless not liable. Acceptance of a defense by the court completely exonerates the defendant and not merely mitigates the liability.
  • The case was 'stayed', which means Francie Brolly didn't pursue the matter and there was no out of court settlement, agreement, acceptance of liability or payment of compensation by the police.
  • Paying the PND involves neither an official finding nor an acceptance of guilt and discharges all liability to conviction for the offence.
  • Strict liability acceptance is defined as "Liability that does not depend on actual negligence or intent to harm, but that is based on the breach of an absolute duty to make something safe."

  • With the acceptance of evidence that “Sberbank has retained effective control over SBK ART notwithstanding the purported transfer of its shares to a businessman in the United Arab Emirates” and with SBK ART now included on the sanctions list, everything related to that company is subject to the Council Regulation concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and any breach of those sanctions entails criminal liability for any citizens of EU member states and the UK who may have taken part in it.
  • In the United States, EMV chip card acceptance at gas pumps was part of the liability shift, where the entity that does not comply with the chip card upgrades will be liable for any fraud.
  • He distinguished (at p 543) losses from “particularly lucrative dyeing contracts” as a different type of loss which would only be recoverable if the defendant had sufficient knowledge of them to make it reasonable to attribute to him acceptance of liability for such losses.
  • According to Italian law, a bargain does not need a guilty plea (in Italy there is no plea declaration); for this reason, a bargaining sentence is only an acceptance of the penalty in exchange with the stop of investigation and trial and has no binding cogency in other trials, especially in civil trials in which parts argue of the same facts at the effects of civil liability and in other criminal trials in which are processed the accomplices of the defendant that had requested and got a bargaining sentence.
  • A banker's acceptance is a commitment by a bank to make a requested future payment.

  • The reasoning behind the hearsay rule can be seen by comparing the acceptance of direct evidence and hearsay.
  • Many consider the Moon Treaty to be a failed treaty due to its limited acceptance.
  • This was fundamental to the contractual relationship created by Mr Beavis's acceptance of the terms of the notice, whose whole object was the efficient management of the car park.
  • Utah’s acceptance of capitalism brought on a new wave of anti-unionism.
  • A certificate of practical completion usually confirms this acceptance.

  • Acceptance of a benefit under a will, generally referred to as "adiation," is the act of a beneficiary in signifying an intention to take the benefit.
  • Additionally, the NetWare console remained text-based, when the Windows graphical interface gained widespread acceptance.
  • It is imposed on builders for ten years from the acceptance date of the structure.
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