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acceptance lotAnnahmelos {n} <QS>
on a lot-by-lot basis {adj} [tender exercise]
losweise [Ausschreibung]
Abnahme {f}
acceptanceHinnahme {f}
acceptanceAnnahme {f} [Annehmen, Entgegennehmen]
Akzept {n} [akzeptierter Wechsel]
acceptanceFreigabe {f}
Vereinnahmung {f}
acceptanceAnnahmevermerk {m}
acceptanceBilligung {f}
acceptanceGeltenlassen {n}
acceptanceAkzeptierung {f}
acceptanceAkzeptation {f} [Annahme]
acceptanceAufnahme {f} [Akzeptanz]
acceptanceAufnahmebereitschaft {f} des Marktes
acceptanceHomologation {f}
acceptanceInkaufnahme {f}
acceptanceAkzeptanz {f} [geh.]
acceptanceWechsel {m}
acceptanceWechselakzept {n}
acceptanceEntgegennahme {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Lot Plot refers to a statistical method for acceptance sampling developed by Dorian Shainin in the 1940s.
  • Chiren is obsessed with returning to Zalem, and views being in Scrap Iron City and Ido's acceptance of his lot in life as a waste.
  • In business and medical research, sampling is widely used for gathering information about a population. Acceptance sampling is used to determine if a production lot of material meets the governing specifications.
  • During the years preceding his acceptance of that post, and the 41 years he served in it, he did more to change the lot of children, not only in Canada but also in the United States and Britain, than any other person in Canadian history.
  • This method saved a lot of weight in propellant and spacecraft mass, but did not gain widespread acceptance early on.

  • This first group had a very good acceptance and a lot of radio play in Cuba and some national television appearances in Cuba.
  • Despite his initial acceptance by Australians, particularly children, and despite appearing on a lot of the foreign made merchandise, Karak was noticeably absent from the Games, particularly the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, where he was inexplicably replaced by a white duck.
  • Other than their acceptance of Fetting's 30 messages and the 90 offered by William Draves, the beliefs and practices of the Elijah Message organization are virtually identical to those of the Church of Christ (Temple Lot).
  • The proposal was subsequently adopted and in a few years led to the emergence of the Nigerian Certificate of Education and further broadened the acceptance of Colleges of Education in the university system; today a lot of the colleges are affiliated with universities.
  • At times privacy and trust are interlinked especially for the adoption and wide-scale acceptance of any technology.

  • Nevertheless, within a few months there was universal acceptance of the power of the B-52 raids as a new type of artillery.
  • During his acceptance speech, Jimmy-John informs the scouts in the audience that he had a head start by picking his parents.
  • The commitment of top management must be evident throughout the process to reduce resistance to change, ensure acceptance, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • This suggests that he has not come to acceptance yet.
  • Social acceptance gives new employees the support needed to be successful.

  • "The Eyre Affair" had received 76 publisher rejections before its eventual acceptance for publication.
  • McGrady's acceptance speech was only eight seconds long with McGrady saying "I'd just like to thank Rothmans and the Canterbury-Bankstown rugby league club for a great year.
  • Vaughan argues that by continuing appeals to Congress for civil rights legislation, Truman helped reverse the long acceptance of segregation and discrimination by establishing integration as a moral principle.
  • The government would refer to this IUID at the point of acceptance.
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