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NOUN   an adieu | adieus / adieux
adieux {pl}Lebewohls {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'adieux' von Englisch nach Deutsch

adieux {pl}
Lebewohls {pl}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • She also sang in operettas such as "La belle Hélène", "The Merry Widow", and in contemporary operas such as "Le fou" and "Les Adieux" by Marcel Landowski and "Colombe" by Jean-Michel Damase.
  • 7 in D minor by Friedrich Wilhelm Rust, written in about 1788, and also as the theme for elaborate variations by Giovanni Paisiello in his "Les Adieux de la Grande Duchesse de Russies," written in about 1784, upon his departure from the court of Catherine the Great.
  • Alain Wodrascka in his 2008 book "Johnny Hallyday: les adieux du rock'cœur" notes how Hallyday put in his 1984 cover of Jacques Brel's "Ne me quitte pas" his special vocal qualities, i.e.
  • His first collection of short stories, "Adieux à Sheila", was published in 1944.
  • "Départ sans adieux", a version of the movie subtitled in French, was released in Quebec on 23 July 1965.

  • During the last ten years of his life, he published at least two further novels: "Henri Matisse Roman" and "Les Adieux".
  • Gavaudan-Ducamel gave her farewell performance on 19 December 1822 at the Théâtre Feydeau in an intermezzo entitled "Les adieux au public", for which Eugène Scribe had written the libretto.
  • XVI:30 A major sonatas, her transcription of the sonata "Les Adieux" by Beethoven was released in Autumn 2018.
  • The scene in "Les Adieux de Cinq-Mars à Marie d'Entraigues" was reproduced in a more serious form by Charles Vogt in 1853.
  • He then wrote "Lalibela ou la mort nomade" (1981), "L'Heure des adieux" (1985) and "Le Passage des princes" (1988).

  • She has also appeared in such films as "Sheitan" by Kim Shapiron, "Around a Small Mountain" by Jacques Rivette and "Les Adieux à la reine" by Benoît Jacquot.
  • This march is called "Les Adieux des Chasseurs à Cheval aux Lanciers polonais" ("Farewell of the Chasseurs à Cheval to the Polish Lancers") also known as "Les Lanciers polonais" ("The Polish Lancers").
  • Because both Bruneau and his good friend Zola were active supporters of Alfred Dreyfus during his trial for treason, the French public did not welcome the composer's music for several years afterward. "Adieux du berger" and "Chanson du semeur" (from act II) and the prelude to act IV remained popular, though.
  • The theme of separation and joyous return was one that Ludwig van Beethoven had explored in 1810 in his Piano Sonata No. 26 in E flat "Les Adieux", Op. 81a.
  • Adieux à Suzon (1862) – words by Alfred de Musset (1862; later set by Bizet in 1866). A man's vigorous farewell to his love which ends in "renunciation and gentle melancholy" (Johnson).

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