Übersetzung für 'adsorbate' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   an adsorbate | adsorbates
SYNO adsorbable | adsorbate
Adsorbat {n}
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Übersetzung für 'adsorbate' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Adsorbat {n}chem.med.
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  • The advantage of this method in comparison with STM-IETS is that there is contact between both electrodes and the adsorbate, whereas in STM-IETS there is always a tunneling gap between the tip and the adsorbate.
  • Adsorption is a mass transfer process in which a substance is transported from the liquid phase to the surface of a solid/liquid (adsorbent) and becomes physically and chemically bonded (adsorbate).
  • Through its slope and "y" intercept we can obtain "v"mon and "K", which are constants for each adsorbent–adsorbate pair at a given temperature.
  • Composition plays an important role in that it determines the form that the adsorption process takes, whether by relatively weak physisorption through van der Waals interactions or stronger chemisorption through the formation of chemical bonds between the substrate and adsorbate atoms.
  • Chemisorption is a kind of adsorption which involves a chemical reaction between the surface and the adsorbate.

  • Adsorption is the process by which a gas (or solution) phase molecule (the adsorbate) binds to solid (or liquid) surface atoms (the adsorbent).
  • Stranski–Krastanov growth ("joint islands" or "layer-plus-island"). In this growth mode the adsorbate-surface interactions are stronger than adsorbate-adsorbate interactions.
  • Depending on the tip apex and the surface/adsorbate system, the lateral motion can occur by pushing, pulling or sliding of the adsorbate.
  • The adsorbed material is called the adsorbate, while the surface is called the adsorbent.
  • The model also ignores adsorbate/adsorbate interactions.

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