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VERB   to adsorb | adsorbed | adsorbed
adsorbing | adsorbs
adsorbed {adj} {past-p}adsorbiert
sth. adsorbedetw. adsorbierte
adsorbed vaccine
Adsorbatimpfstoff {m}
adsorbed water
Haftwasser {n}
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  • This is possible because the adsorbed species attains a lower energy state once it has adsorbed to the metal, thus lowering the activation barrier between the gas phase species and the support-adsorbed species.
  • Let us assume now that the rate limiting step is the reaction of the adsorbed molecules, which is easily understood: the probability of two adsorbed molecules colliding is low.
  • One of the first common applications of surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy was the measurement of the thickness (and refractive index) of adsorbed self-assembled nanofilms on gold substrates.
  • When a molecule is adsorbed to the surface there can be an additional dipole moment and the total dipole moment P is present.
  • Moisture may be present as adsorbed moisture at internal surfaces and as capillary condensed water in small pores.

  • The peptide to be sequenced is adsorbed onto a solid surface.
  • When lyophilic sols are added to lyophobic sols, depending on their sizes, either lyophobic sol is adsorbed in the surface of lyophilic sol or lyophilic sol is adsorbed on the surface of lyophobic sol.
  • Specialized setups that allow bulk exchange during interfacial rheology measurements are used to investigate the response of adsorbed proteins or surfactants upon changes in pH or salinity.
  • Tetanus toxoid, for instance, is usually adsorbed onto alum.
  • Invoking the periphery hypothesis, water promotes the activation of O2 by co-adsorption onto the perimeter sites where it reacts with O2 to form adsorbed hydroxyl (OH*) and hydroperoxo (OOH*) species.

  • For percolation thresholds related to random sequentially adsorbed particles, see Percolation threshold.
  • The adsorbed material is called the adsorbate, while the surface is called the adsorbent.
  • which act in series Pseudocapacitance is accompanied with an electron charge-transfer between electrolyte and electrode coming from a de-solvated and adsorbed ion whereby only one electron per charge unit is participating.
  • At the same year (2002) as the discovery of nanoscale windows, adsorption isotherms of hydrogen in internal and interstitialspaces of SWNH assemblies were also determined experimentally, which provided the adsorbed density of hydrogen in internal and interstitial spaces.
  • Phosphate is often adsorbed onto the surface of different type of minerals, for example iron containing minerals.

  • However, adsorbed-phase density is the decisive factor for the existence of this end.
  • Different from electrostatics, sterically stabilized suspensions rely on the physical interaction of polymer chains attached to the surface of the particles to keep the suspension stabilized; the adsorbed polymer chains act as a spacer to keep the suspended particles separated at a sufficient distance to prevent the Hamaker attraction from dominating and pulling the particles out of suspension.
  • Where [...] identifies the adsorbed concentration on the solid phase and [...].
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