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ad-supported computer software <adware>
Adware {f}
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Übersetzung für 'adware' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ad-supported computer software <adware>
Adware {f}comp.
  • Adware {f} = ad-supported computer software <adware>
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  • Mid-2012 there were complaints that JDownloader's installer added adware without the user's consent.
  • It advertised having no spyware, adware, or hijackware.
  • According to Symantec, 3wPlayer "may download" a piece of adware they refer to as Adware.Lop, which "adds its own toolbar and search button to Internet Explorer".
  • Vuze is categorized as adware by Softpedia, due to its inclusion of a Vuze Toolbar for web browsers.
  • Links on the old website to earlier Messenger Plus! versions caused sites such as McAfee SiteAdvisor to warn that the website www.msgpluslive.net was linked with adware Adware-Lop/Swizzor.

  • Some Google Chrome extension developers have sold their extensions to third-parties who then incorporated adware.
  • In several historical versions, CutePDF bundles adware with its download.
  • Zilla 5 was the first version released with all new source code and without the bundled adware, which had caused some controversy despite notifying users that adware was bundled.
  • The FileZilla webpage offers additional download options without adware installs, but the link to the adware download appears as the primary link, highlighted and marked as "recommended".
  • Cydoor is a spyware and adware first detected in 2003.

  • Shedun-family malware is known for auto-rooting the Android OS using well-known exploits like ExynosAbuse, Memexploit and Framaroot (causing a potential privilege escalation) and for serving trojanized adware and installing themselves within the system partition of the operating system, so that not even a factory reset can remove the malware from infected devices.
  • In 2013, Bitcoin mining malware was installed as adware alongside other downloads, some pointing out the functionality in lengthy EULA texts.
  • In early 2015, a Reddit user found adware installing itself stealthily on their Micromax Canvas Fire A093 telephone without permission.
  • Typhoid adware is a type of computer security threat that uses a Man-in-the-middle attack to inject advertising into web pages a user visits when using a public network, like a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Adware has also been discovered in certain low-cost Android devices, particularly those made by small Chinese firms running on Allwinner systems-on-chip.

  • Version 5.3 didn't install adware or spyware, though it did install some desktop shortcuts to adware websites and the Morpheus Toolbar without user approval.
  • Some users have criticized the inclusion of adware in the installer (and the obfuscation of the "opt-out" option) in versions such as 2.8.0, and 2.8.1.
  • Trend Micro and Symantec have both classified the software as adware. "Spyware Guide" [...] s entry on the program also states that it is adware.
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