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NOUN   adzuki | adzukis
adzuki / azuki bean weevil [Callosobruchus chinensis, syn.: Bruchus chinensis]
Chinesischer Bohnenkäfer {m}
adzuki / azuki bean weevil [Callosobruchus chinensis, syn.: Bruchus chinensis]
(Chinesischer) Kundekäfer {m}
adzuki bean [Phaseolus angularis, syn.: Azukia angularis, Vigna angularis]
Adzuki-Bohne / Adzukibohne {f}
adzuki bean [Vigna angularis]
Adzukibohne {f}
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  • Rice, wheat, corn, peanut, and soy are the staple crops grown in the area. In the northern hilly areas, fruit and tea trees are very common. Other common crops include mung and adzuki.
  • Castella mix is used for the pancakes that are sandwiched together with sweet adzuki bean paste in the confection known as "dorayaki".
  • "Ostrinia scapulalis", the adzuki bean borer or adzuki bean worm, is a species of moth in the family Crambidae.
  • Variants containing sweet mung bean paste instead of white adzuki bean paste are very common, particularly among the Korean communities in Los Angeles, California.
  • Taxifolin is found in non-glutinous rice boiled with adzuki bean (adzuki-meshi).
  • The beetle is known for attacking the cowpea ("Vigna unguiculata"), but it readily attacks other beans and peas such as the mung bean ("Vigna radiata") and adzuki bean ("Vigna angularis").
  • In many lepidoptera species including the adzuki bean borer (Ostrinia scapulalis), ultrasonic mating calls are used to attract females and keep them motionless during copulation.
  • The skin is thinner than that of the usual red adzuki beans, thus it is often husked prior to cooking, which gave this cultivar the name "geopipat" ([...]; "dehulled adzuki beans").
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