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NOUN   aflatoxin | aflatoxins
Aflatoxine {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'aflatoxins' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Aflatoxine {pl}pharm.
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  • Recent studies have attempted to pinpoint a relationship between kwashiorkor and high levels of aflatoxins.
  • Sterigmatocystin is a toxic metabolite structurally closely related to the aflatoxins as it is the penultimate precursor of aflatoxins B1 and G1.
  • Although the finished beer is not contaminated with the fungi, 33% of commercially brewed sorghum beer contained aflatoxins and 45% of home-brewed beers contained zearalenone or ochratoxin A (or both) in the final product.
  • It is also seen in poisoning by other alkylating agents, such as nitrosamines and aflatoxins.
  • Copra is highly susceptible to the growth of molds and their production of aflatoxins if not dried properly.

  • "Aspergillus flavus" produces only B-type aflatoxins.
  • parasiticus" produces aflatoxins at higher concentrations than "A.
  • Zearalanone is extracted from medical herbs and edible herbs alone with other substance called aflatoxins in the same time by a specific immunoaffinity column.
  • In the 10 years prior to the last harvest—between 2001 and 2011—a total of nine cases of aflatoxins were reported in maize.
  • Cyclopentenones are found in a large number of natural products, including jasmone, the aflatoxins, and several prostaglandins.

  • Charles Perry has noted that due to the methods of preparation and ingredients it is possible for "murri" to contain aflatoxins.
  • A concern that activated charcoal might be used unscrupulously to allow livestock to tolerate low quality feed contaminated with aflatoxins resulted in the Association of American Feed Control Officials banning it in 2012 from use in commercial livestock feeds.
  • Olumbe Bassir (1919–2001) was a Nigerian scientist, author and academic. His primary contributions to research were in the areas of aflatoxins, nutrition, and peace research.
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