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VERB   to agonize | agonized | agonized
agonizing | agonizes
SYNO agonising | agonizing | excruciating | ...
agonizing {adj}qualvoll
agonizing {adj}quälend
agonizing {adj}quälerisch [geh.]
agonizing {adj} {pres-p}sichAkk. abquälend
2 Wörter
agonizing crydurchdringender Schrei {m}
agonizing deathqualvolles Sterben {n} [qualvoller Tod]
agonizing pain
quälender Schmerz {m}
agonizing pain
unerträglicher Schmerz {m}
agonizing problemquälendes Problem {n}
agonizing sightpeinlicher Anblick {m}
agonizing waitquälendes Warten {n}
3 Wörter
in agonizing detail {adv} [fig.]bis ins schmerzhafte Detail [fig.]
5+ Wörter
All this waiting is agonizing.Das ganze Warten ist eine Qual.
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  • In the last year of his life these evolved into a surreal series of screaming agonizing ceramic vessels.
  • Similarly to SRAs, sufficiently high doses of 5-HT1A receptor agonists also bypass the 5-HT1A autoreceptor-mediated inhibition of serotonin release and therefore increase 5-HT1A postsynaptic receptor activation by directly agonizing the postsynaptic receptors in lieu of serotonin.
  • She travelled with her mother and other family to Italy, where she made an agonizing recovery from an illness caused by worms that nearly ended her life.
  • When he learns that a human sacrifice is required, Gwalchmai kills the bound victim to spare him an agonizing death and flees.
  • After agonizing for several weeks, Traube complied.
  • They return to heroin, but stop again, enduring agonizing withdrawal symptoms in the process.
  • After much agonizing, the Organ decided to scrap the Dahle sessions and rerecord the album with producer Paul Forgues, who Sketch knew from her days at the Warehouse Studio.
  • In summation, opponents argue that the effect of dilution or of improper administration of thiopental is that the inmate dies an agonizing death through suffocation due to the paralytic effects of pancuronium bromide and the intense burning sensation caused by potassium chloride.
  • This epistle, unlike the other two, is written more as a sermon, one to help strengthen people's faith in Jesus, to help them understand why a being as great as the Son of God would have a mortal life and a mortal's agonizing death.
  • Thomas Imbach's dismay at the agonizing death of the freight station prompts him to record the ongoing destruction, the years of standstill and the creation of the new concrete colossus, in order to compose a personal chronicle.
  • Although Dalla Chiesa was seen as a man outside the old corrupted parties, Formentini managed to win the support of the moderate and centrist voters of the agonizing Christian Democracy (DC) party.
  • After witnessing the agonizing illness of a close childhood friend who initially fought off the ravages of a brain tumor, only to succumb to colorectal cancer, Cohen was inspired to enter the field of cancer research.
  • This was followed by what she describes as a long, agonizing process of self-reflection.
  • The narrator knows her husband no longer loves her, and is agonizing over whether to play along to keep him close (knowing he is only staying out of obligation), or to do the right thing and let him go.
  • Rawleigh Dawkin Mansel was High Sheriff for Carmarthenshire in 1730 and died ‘under the agonizing pains of the Gout’ in his 44th year in 1749.
  • The Bills were upset at home in the wild card playoffs by the 9–7 Jacksonville Jaguars, 27–30 by a 45-yard field goal from future Bills kicker Mike Hollis, sealing the agonizing defeat.
  • His nose, large and aquiline, was disfigured by the polyps he suffered during much of his adult life, [...] an agonizing and debilitating disease that at times prevented him from writing music.
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