Übersetzung für 'all' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   all | - | -
NOUN   All | -
SYNO all | altogether | completely | ...
all {adj}alle
all {adj} {pron}jeder
all {adv}
all {adj} {pron}alles
all {adj}sämtlich
all {adj} {adv}ganz [komplett]
all {adj}all
y'all {pron} [coll., esp. Southern Am.]ihr
all {adj} {adv} [completely]vollkommen [völlig, gänzlich]
all [one's life]zeit [+Gen.] [z. B. zeit meines Lebens]
all {adj}jegliche [nachdrücklich für "jede"]
all {adj}jeglicher [nachdrücklich für "jeder"]
all {adv} [entirely]völlig
all {adv} [completely]total
all {adj} {pron}allet [bes. berlinerisch: alles]
all {adv} [completely, absolutely]vollständig
all {adj}jegliches [nachdrücklich für "jedes"]
all {adj}der / die / das gesamte
all {adv} [completely]komplett [vollständig, total]
All [universe]All {n}
2 Wörter: Andere
(all) around {adv}rings­um
(All) right.Geht klar. [ugs.]
above all {adv}erst recht
above all {adv}in erster Linie
above all {adv}vor allen Dingen
above all {adv}vor allem <v. a.>
above all {adv}vornehmlich [geh.]
above all {adv}zunächst [vor allem]
above all {adv}zuallererst [vor allem]
above all {adv}vorzüglich [veraltend] [vor allem]
after all {adv}doch
after all {adv}immerhin
after all {adv}trotzdem
after all {adv}also doch
after all {adv}übrigens
after all {adv}nach allem
after all {adv}in der Tat
after all {adv}überhaupt
after all {adv}am Ende doch
after all {adv}schließlich
after all {adv}schließlich doch
after all {adv}nach allen Überlegungen
after all {adv}am Ende [schließlich]
after all {adv}letzten Endes [Redewendung]
after all {adv}im Grunde (genommen) [Redewendung]
all ablaze {adv}ganz in Flammen
All aboard!Alles einsteigen!
All aboard!
Alle einsteigen!
All aboard!
Alle Mann an Bord!
All aboard! [conductor]
Einsteigen bitte! [Schaffner]
all about {adv} [all around, everywhere]allenthalben [geh., veraltend]
all about {adv} [all around]rings­herum
all about ...rund ums ...
all afternoon {adv}den Nachmittag über [den ganzen Nachmitag]
all agreed {adj}abgemacht
all agreeing {adv}in allem übereinstimmend
all alone {adv}ganz allein
all alone {adj} {adv}mutterseelenallein
all alone {adv}ganz alleine [ugs.]
all along {adv}immer
all along {adv}von jeher
all along {adv}schon immer
all along {adv}die ganze Zeit
all along {adv}die ganze Zeit über
all around {adv}rundum
all around {adv}rings­ um
all around {adv}rundherum
All better? [coll.]Geht's dir wieder gut?
all butalle außer
all butalle ausgenommen
all but {adv} [almost]fast
all but {adv} [almost]beinahe
all but sth.alles außer etw.
all clean {adj}alles sauber
All clear.Alles klar.
all correct {adj}alles richtig
all day {adv}den ganzen Tag über
all day {adv}den ganzen Tag (lang)
all dusty {adj}ganz staubig
all England {adv}ganz England
all English {adj}ganz englisch
all Europe {adv}ganz Europa
all evening {adv}den ganzen Abend (lang)
all four {pron}alle vier
all German {adj}ganz deutsch
all gone {adj} [coll.] [used up]alle [ugs.] [aufgebraucht]
All good! [coll.] [no problem]Alles gut! [ugs.]
All good! [in reply to "thank you"]Kein Ding! [ugs.] [Gern geschehen]
all hands {pron} [everybody]alle [jedermann]
all in {adj} [postpos.] [coll.] [exhausted]total fertig [ugs.]
all includedalles inbegriffen
all includedalles eingeschlossen
all new {adj}völlig neu
all night {adv}die ganze Nacht
all night {adv}die ganze Nacht hindurch
all numeric {adj}vollnumerisch
all of {prep}ganz
all open
bügelfrei [offenes Auto, ohne Überrollbügel]
all over {adv}überall
all over {adv}gänzlich
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Übersetzung für 'all' von Englisch nach Deutsch

all {adj}



jegliche [nachdrücklich für "jede"]

jeglicher [nachdrücklich für "jeder"]

jegliches [nachdrücklich für "jedes"]

der / die / das gesamte
all {adj} {pron}


allet [bes. berlinerisch: alles]
all {adv}
all {adj} {adv}
ganz [komplett]
y'all {pron} [coll., esp. Southern Am.]
all {adj} {adv} [completely]
vollkommen [völlig, gänzlich]
all [one's life]
zeit [+Gen.] [z. B. zeit meines Lebens]
all {adv} [entirely]
all {adv} [completely]

komplett [vollständig, total]
all {adv} [completely, absolutely]

All [universe]
All {n}

(all) around {adv}
(All) right.
Geht klar. [ugs.]
above all {adv}
erst recht

in erster Linie

vor allen Dingen

vor allem <v. a.>

vornehmlich [geh.]

zunächst [vor allem]

zuallererst [vor allem]

vorzüglich [veraltend] [vor allem]
after all {adv}



also doch


nach allem

in der Tat


am Ende doch


schließlich doch

nach allen Überlegungen

am Ende [schließlich]

letzten Endes [Redewendung]

im Grunde (genommen) [Redewendung]
all ablaze {adv}
ganz in Flammen
All aboard!
Alles einsteigen!

Alle einsteigen!transp.

Alle Mann an Bord!transp.
All aboard! [conductor]
Einsteigen bitte! [Schaffner]traffic
all about {adv} [all around, everywhere]
allenthalben [geh., veraltend]
all about {adv} [all around]
all about ...
rund ums ...
all afternoon {adv}
den Nachmittag über [den ganzen Nachmitag]
all agreed {adj}
all agreeing {adv}
in allem übereinstimmend
all alone {adv}
ganz allein

ganz alleine [ugs.]
all alone {adj} {adv}
all along {adv}

von jeher

schon immer

die ganze Zeit

die ganze Zeit über
all around {adv}

rings­ um

All better? [coll.]
Geht's dir wieder gut?
all but
alle außer

alle ausgenommen
all but {adv} [almost]

all but sth.
alles außer etw.
all clean {adj}
alles sauber
All clear.
Alles klar.
all correct {adj}
alles richtig
all day {adv}
den ganzen Tag über

den ganzen Tag (lang)
all dusty {adj}
ganz staubig
all England {adv}
ganz England
all English {adj}
ganz englisch
all Europe {adv}
ganz Europa
all evening {adv}
den ganzen Abend (lang)
all four {pron}
alle vier
all German {adj}
ganz deutsch
all gone {adj} [coll.] [used up]
alle [ugs.] [aufgebraucht]
All good! [coll.] [no problem]
Alles gut! [ugs.]
All good! [in reply to "thank you"]
Kein Ding! [ugs.] [Gern geschehen]
all hands {pron} [everybody]
alle [jedermann]
all in {adj} [postpos.] [coll.] [exhausted]
total fertig [ugs.]
all included
alles inbegriffen

alles eingeschlossen
all new {adj}
völlig neu
all night {adv}
die ganze Nacht

die ganze Nacht hindurch
all numeric {adj}
all of {prep}
all open
bügelfrei [offenes Auto, ohne Überrollbügel]automot.
all over {adv}

  • All {n} = universe
  • all = all
  • All {n} = All [universe]
alle anzeigen ...
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The newly eligible players included 10 All-Stars, 6 of whom were not included on the ballot, representing a total of 53 All-Star selections.
  • As one can see, from a single shuffle, not all input can reach all output. Multiple shuffles are required for all inputs to be connected to all the outputs.
  • He was a Naismith All-American, McDonald's All-American, two-time Parade All-American and USA Today 1st-team All-American. He also went on to win Mr. Basketball of Michigan Award in 2000.
  • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) is available on board most Garuda Indonesia aircraft: all A330s, all 777s, and all but three 737-800s.
  • The lower mantle of inner earth may hold as much as 5 times more water than all surface water combined (all oceans, all lakes, all rivers).

  • As of October 2010, all airport taxes have been integrated within all purchased tickets for all airlines.
  • "All y'all", "all of y'all", and "alls y'all" are used by some speakers to indicate a larger group than is necessarily implied by simply "y'all".
  • During the 2007 round taped at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, all 16 All Out drivers agreed to bet all winnings for an "all in" tournament. No other taping has featured the all-in format.
  • All matches in all circuits are streamed through all social medias platform and official website of World Rugby in the unsold markets with highlights available in all territories.
  • During his high school career, Blacknall was named a two-time all-state selection, while earning first-team all-region, all-district and All-Shore Conference honors for three-straight years.

  • All-Americans and All-Tournament selections including all seasons except 2008–09. Academic All-Americans including all seasons except 2007–08, 2008–09, 2015–16, 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21.
  • Vaughan attended Calallen High School. As a senior, he was named first-team All-District 31-4A at both quarterback and punter.
  • Hek Wakefield was consensus All-America. Gil Reese selected All-American by Norman E. Brown. Wakefield, Reese, and Bob Rives were all selected All-Southern.
  • The volunteers help by identifying, recording and describing all items, creating a computer database of items, scanning all documents, photographing all objects and digitising all photographic material.
  • His winning Rainbow 6 ticket of all/all/all/1,4/all/all cost $7,603.20.

  • Once all expected data is accounted for, all data queries closed, all external data received and reconciled and all other data management activities complete the database may be finalized.
  • All song titles are originally written in capital letters and are all romanized. All lyrics by Meg, all compositions and arrangements by Yasutaka Nakata.
  • Following his senior season Urso was named 1st team All-County, All-Gazette, All-league, and also named to the All-State and "The Washington Post" All-Metropolitan teams.
  • Sets – same value card (all 3's; all 4's; all 5's... all J's; all Q's; all K's; all A's).
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