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NOUN   an amount available | amounts available
amount availableverfügbarer Betrag {m}
amount available for withdrawalzur Entnahme verfügbarer Betrag {m}
amount of money availableverfügbarer Geldbetrag {m}
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  • Some of it was coloured and flavoured to appear as real wine, or was blended into actual wine to increase the amount available.
  • This is because one person’s consumption of an information good does not reduce other people’s enjoyment of the same good or diminish the amount available to other people.
  • Maximum total Loan Amount available to borrower = 60% of $1,200,000, or $800,000.
  • In 2022, with 180 million pre-printed €20 tickets to sell ("décimos"), the maximum total amount available for all prizes would be €2.52 billion (seventy per cent of ticket sales).
  • Instead of fighting or exhibiting aggressive behavior in order to win resources, exploitative competition occurs when resource use by one organism depletes the total amount available for other organisms.
  • Since often initial premiums are not invested but covering initial costs associated with selling the contract (upfront or front-end fee), the amount available may be significantly lower than the sum of premiums paid for some time, initially even zero.
  • Decomposition consumes oxygen, reducing the amount available for fish.
  • Section 622(a) and (b) of the Patriot Act increased the amount available to such programs from 40% to 60% of the total amount of the Fund.
  • Dietary supplementation in doses from 200–600 mg is likely to provide up to 1000 times the amount available from a regular diet.
  • There is a growing demand for plasma in Canada in order to increase the amount available to manufacture medications which use proteins present in human plasma.
  • Although all Z80 and 8080 processors could address 64 kilobytes of memory, the amount available for application programs could vary, depending on the design of the particular computer.
  • The overall amount available for the program depends on annual national budget resources and is likely to vary from year to year.
  • The clearance of large tracts of land for crop growth has led to a significant reduction in the amount available of forestation and wetlands, resulting in the loss of habitat for many plant and animal species as well as increased erosion.
  • The cost constraint refers to the budgeted amount available for the project.
  • "This REY-rich mud has great potential as a rare-earth metal resource because of the enormous amount available and its advantageous mineralogical features," the study reads.
  • Best fit finds the smallest space which fits the required amount available, avoiding loss of performance, both by fragmentation and consolidation of memory.
  • Resources may be allocated to a process only if the amount of resources requested is less than or equal to the amount available; otherwise, the process waits until resources are available.
  • Additionally, Fuller refers to fossil fuels as our savings account; if we burn through the finite amount available rather than reserving it, our energy potential will only become bankrupt.
  • The amount available to divide is denoted by " [...] " (=Estate or Endowment). There are "n" "claimants". Each claimant "i" has a "claim" denoted by " [...] ".
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