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NOUN   an amount borrowed | amounts borrowed
amount borrowedDarlehenssumme {f}
amount borrowedentliehener Betrag {m}
borrowed {adj} {past-p}geliehen
borrowed {adj} {past-p}entlehnt
borrowed {adj} {past-p}gepumpt [ugs.]
borrowed {adj} {past-p}geborgt
borrowed {adj} {past-p}ausgeliehen
borrowed thinggeliehene Sache {f}
borrowed word
Lehnwort {n}
borrowed wordFremdwort {n}
borrowed capitalgeborgtes Geld {n}
borrowed clothes
geliehene Kleider {pl}
borrowed instrument
Leihinstrument {n}
borrowed violin
Leihgeige {f}
borrowed division
[Duolen, Triolen, Quartolen etc.]
borrowed wordLehnswort {n}
borrowed resourcesFremdmittel {n}
borrowed votes
Leihstimmen {pl}
borrowed capital
Fremdkapital {n} <FK>
borrowed moneygeborgtes Geld {n}
borrowed opinionübernommene Meinung {f}
borrowed meaning
Lehnbedeutung {f}
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  • However, such consolidation loans have costs: fees, interest, and "points" where one point equals to one percent of the amount borrowed.
  • As in the FEE-HELP loan scheme, a 20% fee applies on the amount borrowed. This 20% "administration fee" was removed for OS-HELP loans received after 1 January 2010.
  • Qardh al-hasan contracts between Islamic banks and borrowers state that the borrower only has to pay back the amount borrowed, although the borrower can pay back extra money as thanks.
  • Depending on the amount borrowed the effective rate will have a percentage added or subtracted with the lowest rates for the most money borrowed.
  • In finance and economics, interest is payment from a borrower or deposit-taking financial institution to a lender or depositor of an amount above repayment of the principal sum (that is, the amount borrowed), at a particular rate.

  • The net value (the share price minus the amount borrowed) is $20.
  • the debtor or borrower) to repay the lender the amount borrowed (principal) plus interest over a specified period of time (coupon payments) until maturity.
  • Both mortgage (re)possession and foreclosure are quite similar, with the main differences being the treatment of any funds that exceed the amount borrowed and liability for any shortfall.
  • In many cases this amounts to little difference in the customer's payment as the amount borrowed is small by comparison to a mortgage and the term shorter.
  • In a healthy economy, the amount borrowed or invested by companies is greater than or equal to the private-sector savings placed into the banking system by consumers.

  • The interest rate will vary according to amount borrowed and is per 15 days or part thereof.
  • When loans are made, the amount borrowed and the repayments due to the lender are normally stated in nominal terms, before inflation.
  • Since January 2015 the FCA have capped default fees that can be charged for a missed payment to £15 and that the total amount a borrower has to repay cannot exceed 100% of the amount borrowed, inclusive of all fees and interest.
  • The group pays a percentage of the amount borrowed but gets a rebate if they pay back on time.
  • Unlike corporate bonds, most securitizations are amortized, meaning that the principal amount borrowed is paid back gradually over the specified term of the loan rather than in one lump sum at the maturity of the loan.

  • This derivation illustrates three key components of fixed-rate loans: (1) the fixed monthly payment depends upon the amount borrowed, the interest rate, and the length of time over which the loan is repaid; (2) the amount owed every month equals the amount owed from the previous month plus interest on that amount, minus the fixed monthly payment; (3) the fixed monthly payment is chosen so that the loan is paid off in full with interest at the end of its term and no more money is owed.
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