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NOUN   an analysis | analyses
SYNO analysis | analytic thinking | depth psychology | ...
analysisAnalyse {f}
analysisAuswertung {f}
analysisUntersuchung {f}
analysisPrüfung {f}
analysis [of a text, image, etc.]
Erschließung {f} [Analyse eines Textes, eines Bildes usw.]
Analysis {f}
analysisAuseinandersetzung {f} [kritisches Befassen]
analysisZerlegung {f}
analysisZergliederung {f}
analysiskritische Beurteilung {f}
analysisAufgliederung {f} [Analyse]
2 Wörter: Substantive
3D analysis3D-Analyse {f}
ABC analysis
ABC-Analyse {f} [Betriebswirtschaft]
acceptance analysisAkzeptanzanalyse {f}
accident analysisUnfallursachenanalyse {f}
accident analysisUnfallursachenforschung {f}
accident analysis
Störfallanalyse {f}
account analysisKontenanalyse {f}
account analysisKostenanalyse {f}
accounting analysis
Rechnungs­wesen-Analyse {f}
activity analysisProzessanalyse {f}
activity analysisAktivitätsanalyse {f}
activity analysisTätigkeitsanalyse {f}
advertisement analysisWerbemittelanalyse {f}
advertisement analysis
Werbeanalyse {f}
advertisement analysis
Anzeigenanalyse {f}
advertising analysisWerbeanalyse {f}
aggregate analysis
Aggregatanalyse {f}
AID analysis [automatic interaction detector analysis]
AID-Analyse {f}
air analysisLuftanalyse {f}
algorithm analysis <AA>
Algorithmenanalyse {f}
amortized analysis [Am.]
amortisierte Laufzeitanalyse {f}
analysis approachAnalyseansatz {m}
analysis areaAnalysebereich {m}
analysis cardAnalysenkarte {f}
analysis center [Am.]Analysezentrum {n}
analysis center [Am.]Analysenzentrale {f}
analysis centre [Br.]Analysezentrum {n}
analysis centre [Br.]Analysenzentrale {f}
analysis conceptAnalysekonzept {n}
analysis criteria
Analysekriterien {pl}
analysis dataAnalysedaten {pl}
analysis departmentFinanzanalyseabteilung {f}
analysis departmentstatistische Abteilung {f}
analysis errorAnalysefehler {m}
analysis fileAnalysedatei {f}
analysis functionAnalysefunktion {f}
analysis functionAnalysenfunktion {f}
analysis lab [coll.]
Analyselabor {n}
analysis laboratoryAnalyselabor {n}
analysis methodAnalysemethode {f}
analysis methodAnalyseverfahren {n}
analysis modeAnalysemodus {m}
analysis modelAnalysemodell {n}
analysis paralysis
Paralyse {f} durch Analyse
analysis periodAnalyseperiode {f}
analysis periodAnalysezeitraum {m}
analysis phase
Analysephase {f}
analysis potential
Analysepotential {n}
analysis procedureAnalyseverfahren {n}
analysis processAnalyseprozess {m}
analysis processAnalysevorgang {m}
analysis program
Auswertungs­programm {n}
analysis programme [Br.]Analyseprogramm {n}
analysis purposeAuswertungs­zweck {m}
analysis range [also: range of analysis]
Analysebereich {m}
analysis reportAnalysebericht {m}
analysis reportAnalysenbericht {m}
analysis report
Auswertungs­report {m}
analysis resultsAnalyseresultate {pl}
analysis results
Analyseergebnisse {pl}
analysis sampleAnalysenprobe {f}
analysis service
Analyseservice {m}
analysis sheetAusgabeliste {f}
analysis situsTopologie {f}
analysis stage
Analysephase {f}
analysis strategy
Analysestrategie {f}
analysis systemAnalysesystem {n}
analysis systemAnalysensystem {n}
analysis system
Analyse-System {n}
analysis technique
Analysetechnik {f}
analysis technique
Analyseverfahren {n}
analysis time
Analysezeit {f}
analysis toolAnalysewerkzeug {n}
analysis toolAuswertungs­hilfe {f}
analysis toolAnalyseinstrument {n}
analysis tool
Analyse-Tool {n} [auch: Analysetool]
analysis tree
Analysebaum {m}
application analysisAnwendungs­analyse {f}
application analysis
Applikationsanalyse {f}
ash analysis
Aschenanalyse {f}
assets analysisAnlagenspiegel {m}
association analysis
Assoziationsanalyse {f}
asymptotic analysis
asymptotische Analyse {f}
audience analysisLeseranalyse {f}
audience analysisPublikumsanalyse {f}
base analysisExportbasisuntersuchung {f}
basic analysisBasisanalyse {f}
basic analysisGrundlagenanalyse {f}
behavior analysis [Am.]
Verhaltensanalyse {f}
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Übersetzung für 'analysis' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Analyse {f}

Auswertung {f}

Untersuchung {f}

Prüfung {f}

Analysis {f}math.

Auseinandersetzung {f} [kritisches Befassen]

Zerlegung {f}

Zergliederung {f}

kritische Beurteilung {f}

Aufgliederung {f} [Analyse]
analysis [of a text, image, etc.]
Erschließung {f} [Analyse eines Textes, eines Bildes usw.]

3D analysis
3D-Analyse {f}
ABC analysis
ABC-Analyse {f} [Betriebswirtschaft]econ.QM
acceptance analysis
Akzeptanzanalyse {f}
accident analysis
Unfallursachenanalyse {f}

Unfallursachenforschung {f}

Störfallanalyse {f}tech.
account analysis
Kontenanalyse {f}

Kostenanalyse {f}
accounting analysis
Rechnungs­wesen-Analyse {f}acc.
activity analysis
Prozessanalyse {f}

Aktivitätsanalyse {f}

Tätigkeitsanalyse {f}
advertisement analysis
Werbemittelanalyse {f}

Werbeanalyse {f}market.

Anzeigenanalyse {f}market.
advertising analysis
Werbeanalyse {f}
aggregate analysis
Aggregatanalyse {f}stat.
AID analysis [automatic interaction detector analysis]
AID-Analyse {f}stat.
air analysis
Luftanalyse {f}
algorithm analysis <AA>
Algorithmenanalyse {f}math.
amortized analysis [Am.]
amortisierte Laufzeitanalyse {f}econ.
analysis approach
Analyseansatz {m}
analysis area
Analysebereich {m}
analysis card
Analysenkarte {f}
analysis center [Am.]
Analysezentrum {n}

Analysenzentrale {f}
analysis centre [Br.]
Analysezentrum {n}

Analysenzentrale {f}
analysis concept
Analysekonzept {n}
analysis criteria
Analysekriterien {pl}spec.
analysis data
Analysedaten {pl}
analysis department
Finanzanalyseabteilung {f}

statistische Abteilung {f}
analysis error
Analysefehler {m}
analysis file
Analysedatei {f}
analysis function
Analysefunktion {f}

Analysenfunktion {f}
analysis lab [coll.]
Analyselabor {n}chem.
analysis laboratory
Analyselabor {n}
analysis method
Analysemethode {f}

Analyseverfahren {n}
analysis mode
Analysemodus {m}
analysis model
Analysemodell {n}
analysis paralysis
Paralyse {f} durch Analysepsych.
analysis period
Analyseperiode {f}

Analysezeitraum {m}
analysis phase
Analysephase {f}spec.
analysis potential
Analysepotential {n}spec.
analysis procedure
Analyseverfahren {n}
analysis process
Analyseprozess {m}

Analysevorgang {m}
analysis program
Auswertungs­programm {n}comp.
analysis programme [Br.]
Analyseprogramm {n}
analysis purpose
Auswertungs­zweck {m}
analysis range [also: range of analysis]
Analysebereich {m}chem.tech.
analysis report
Analysebericht {m}

Analysenbericht {m}

Auswertungs­report {m}comp.
analysis results
Analyseresultate {pl}

Analyseergebnisse {pl}chem.
analysis sample
Analysenprobe {f}
analysis service
Analyseservice {m}tech.
analysis sheet
Ausgabeliste {f}
analysis situs
Topologie {f}
analysis stage
Analysephase {f}acad.
analysis strategy
Analysestrategie {f}acad.
analysis system
Analysesystem {n}

Analysensystem {n}

Analyse-System {n}QM
analysis technique
Analysetechnik {f}acad.

Analyseverfahren {n}acad.
analysis time
Analysezeit {f}tech.
analysis tool
Analysewerkzeug {n}

Auswertungs­hilfe {f}

Analyseinstrument {n}

Analyse-Tool {n} [auch: Analysetool]tech.tools
analysis tree
Analysebaum {m}spec.
application analysis
Anwendungs­analyse {f}

Applikationsanalyse {f}comp.
ash analysis
Aschenanalyse {f}chem.
assets analysis
Anlagenspiegel {m}
association analysis
Assoziationsanalyse {f}comp.stat.
asymptotic analysis
asymptotische Analyse {f}math.
audience analysis
Leseranalyse {f}

Publikumsanalyse {f}
base analysis
Exportbasisuntersuchung {f}
basic analysis
Basisanalyse {f}

Grundlagenanalyse {f}
behavior analysis [Am.]
Verhaltensanalyse {f}biol.psych.
  • Analysis {f} = calculus
  • Analysis {f} = analysis
  • Analysis {f} = mathematical analysis
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Another meaning of fundamental analysis is beyond bottom-up company analysis, it refers to top-down analysis from first analyzing the global economy, followed by country analysis and then sector analysis, and finally the company level analysis.
  • Waterfall charts can be used for various types of quantitative analysis, ranging from inventory analysis to performance analysis.
  • See also the related constructive analysis, feasible analysis and computable analysis.
  • In "The Ethnographic Interview", Spradley describes four types of ethnographic analysis that basically build on each other.
  • Another classification of theories distinguishes between Structural Analysis, Strategic Analysis, Process Analysis, Integrative Analysis and behavioral analysis of negotiations.

  • Order flow trading is a type of trading strategy and form of analysis used by traders on the markets, other popular forms of market/trading analysis include technical analysis, sentiment analysis and fundamental analysis.
  • Depending on the organization's expectations for software development, unit testing might include static code analysis, data-flow analysis, metrics analysis, peer code reviews, code coverage analysis and other software verification practices.
  • There are two main types of detrital zircon analysis: qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.
  • Regina Sandra Burachik is an Argentine mathematician who works on optimization and analysis (particularly: convex analysis, functional analysis and non-smooth analysis).
  • Viewer/analysis functionality varies. Some free COMTRADE viewers and analysis software also includes additional advanced functionality (e.g. ...

  • Behavioral systems analysis (BSA), or performance systems analysis, applies behavior analysis and systems analysis to human performance in organizations.
  • It can make use of various forms of analysis from the traditional static analysis to more recent analysis methods like p-delta analysis, geometric non-linear analysis, Pushover analysis (Static-Non Linear Analysis) or a buckling analysis.
  • In performing a tolerance analysis, there are two fundamentally different analysis tools for predicting stackup variation: worst-case analysis and statistical analysis.
  • He has done research in mathematical analysis and its applications, in particular in functional analysis and classical analysis (including harmonic analysis, Fourier analysis, and complex analytic functions).
  • Other thermal analysis techniques are typically combinations of the basic techniques and include differential thermal analysis, thermomechanical analysis, dynamic mechanical thermal analysis, and dielectric thermal analysis.

  • Strategic analysis, research and advisory services including: Growth Consulting; Market Attractiveness & Entry Analysis; M&A Target Screening & Evaluation; Market Sizing, Segmentation & Forecasting; Value Chain Analysis; Competitor Market Share Analysis; Competitive Benchmarking; Customer Behavior & Perceptions Analysis; etc.
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