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ADJ   antediluvian | - | -
NOUN   an antediluvian | antediluvians
SYNO ancient | antediluvial | antediluvian | ...
antediluvian {adj}vorsintflutlich
antediluvian {adj}altmodisch [vorsintflutlich]
antediluvian {adj}antediluvianisch
antediluvian {adj} [fig.]von vorgestern
antediluvian period
Zeit {f} vor der Sintflut
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  • The book is a collection of de Camp's early Pusadian tales, all of which are set in an antediluvian world patterned after Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age.
  • A 2012 review into women's prisons in Scotland, conducted by former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini described Cornton Vale as "a miserable place" and that conditions for prisoners were "antediluvian and appalling".
  • Rabbinic tradition credits Ahijah with having lived a very long life, linking his life-span with that of antediluvian patriarchs such as Methuselah and Adam.
  • "Seola" is an antediluvian novel published in 1878, written by Ann Eliza Smith. The publishers of the novel are Boston: Lee and Shepard, New York: Charles T. Dillingham.
  • The Book of the Watchers (Ch IX) lists the angels who in antediluvian times interceded on behalf of mankind against the rogue spirits termed "the Watchers": Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

  • This is the Weld-Blundell Prism which includes the antediluvian part of the composition and ends with the Isin dynasty.
  • Robert Wodrow described him as "the last of the antediluvian Presbyterian ministers in this church".
  • The first ten of these are called the antediluvian patriarchs, because they came before the Flood.
  • The Irish Council for Civil Liberties said the report "cranks up the pressure" on the Government to reform Ireland's "antediluvian" abortion laws.
  • Many, especially antediluvian, kings are credited with incredibly long reigns (counted in sars and nerah), as a result of which many scholars consider this work to be more artistic than historical.

  • Early scientific attempts at reconstructing the history of the Earth were founded on the biblical narrative and thus used the term "antediluvian" to refer to a period understood to be essentially similar to the biblical one.
  • Not all reviews were positive, "Monthly Film Bulletin" described the film as "an antediluvian farce of staggering witlessness and vulgarity".
  • In some markets, such as Brazil, the original Besta had developed a very good reputation and had redefined a minivan market where its only competition was the antediluvian (in production since 1950) Volkswagen Kombi.
  • These genii have all been interpreted as beings known as antediluvian sages, [...] or "apkallu" in Akkadian.
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