Übersetzung für 'approval of' von Englisch nach Deutsch
approval (of)Einverständnis {n} (zu)
3 Wörter: Verben
to win approval of sth.Zustimmung für etw. gewinnen
3 Wörter: Substantive
approval of accountKontoanerkennung {f}
approval of plans [by an authority]
Plangenehmigung {f}
approval of schoolbooks
Schulbuchzulassung {f}
approval of taxes
Steuerbewilligung {f}
certificate of approvalZulassungs­schein {m}
certificate of approvalZulassungs­bescheinigung {f}
certificate of approvalBescheinigung {f} der Genehmigung
chorus of approvalWelle {f} der Zustimmung
holder of approval
Zulassungs­inhaber {m}
instrument of approvalGenehmigungs­urkunde {f}
look of approvalbilligender Blick {m}
murmur of approvalbeifälliges Murmeln {n}
seal of approvalGütesiegel {n}
seal of approvalPrüfsiegel {n}
withholding of approval
Versagung {f} der Genehmigung
4 Wörter: Verben
to obtain the approval of sb./sth. [of person or institution] jds./etw. Einverständnis einholen [auch: das Einverständnis jds./etw. einholen] [einer Person oder Institution]
to voice one's approval of sth.seine Zustimmung zu etw.Dat. geben
4 Wörter: Substantive
approval of an application
Genehmigung {f} eines Antrags
approval of balance sheet
Bilanzgenehmigung {f}
approval of the actions [of a management board, etc.]
Entlastung {f} [eines Vorstands usw.]
5+ Wörter: Verben
to count on sb.'s voice of approvalmit jds. Zustimmung rechnen
to look at sb. in the hope of getting approvaljdn. beifallheischend ansehen
to look at sb. in the hope of getting approvaljdn. Beifall heischend ansehen
5+ Wörter: Substantive
approval of the annual accountsBilligung {f} des Jahresabschlusses
approval of the balance sheetGenehmigung {f} der Bilanz
LGA-tested certificate of approval
LGA-Baumusterbescheinigung {f}
proceeding on the granting of approvalZustimmungs­verfahren {n}
approvalZustimmung {f}
approvalAkzeptanz {f}
approvalBewilligung {f}
approvalBilligung {f}
Abnahme {f}
approvalZulassung {f}
approvalFreigabe {f}
approvalEinwilligung {f}
approvalBestätigung {f}
Abnahmebestätigung {f} [DIN 69905]
Abnahmeerklärung {f} [DIN 69905]
approvalBeifall {m}
approvalGutheißung {f}
general approvalallgemeiner Anklang {m}
print approval
Druckfreigabe {f}
approval sampleAnsichtsmuster {n}
vetting approval
Zustimmung {f} zur Sicherheitsüberprüfung
approval orderAnsichtsbestellung {f}
approval certificate
Zulassungs­schein {m}
security approvalSicherheitsfreigabe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'approval of' von Englisch nach Deutsch

approval (of)
Einverständnis {n} (zu)

to win approval of sth.
Zustimmung für etw. gewinnen

approval of account
Kontoanerkennung {f}
approval of plans [by an authority]
Plangenehmigung {f}admin.
approval of schoolbooks
Schulbuchzulassung {f}educ.publ.
approval of taxes
Steuerbewilligung {f}fin.pol.
certificate of approval
Zulassungs­schein {m}

Zulassungs­bescheinigung {f}

Bescheinigung {f} der Genehmigung
chorus of approval
Welle {f} der Zustimmung
holder of approval
Zulassungs­inhaber {m}econ.EU
instrument of approval
Genehmigungs­urkunde {f}
look of approval
billigender Blick {m}
murmur of approval
beifälliges Murmeln {n}
seal of approval
Gütesiegel {n}

Prüfsiegel {n}
withholding of approval
Versagung {f} der Genehmigungadmin.

to obtain the approval of sb./sth. [of person or institution]
jds./ etw. Einverständnis einholen [auch: das Einverständnis jds./etw. einholen] [einer Person oder Institution]
to voice one's approval of sth.
seine Zustimmung zu etw.Dat. geben

approval of an application
Genehmigung {f} eines Antragsadmin.
approval of balance sheet
Bilanzgenehmigung {f}acc.econ.
approval of the actions [of a management board, etc.]
Entlastung {f} [eines Vorstands usw.]law

to count on sb.'s voice of approval
mit jds. Zustimmung rechnen
to look at sb. in the hope of getting approval
jdn. beifallheischend ansehen

jdn. Beifall heischend ansehen

approval of the annual accounts
Billigung {f} des Jahresabschlusses
approval of the balance sheet
Genehmigung {f} der Bilanz
LGA-tested certificate of approval
LGA-Baumusterbescheinigung {f}tech.
proceeding on the granting of approval
Zustimmungs­verfahren {n}

Zustimmung {f}

Akzeptanz {f}

Bewilligung {f}

Billigung {f}

Abnahme {f}tech.

Zulassung {f}

Freigabe {f}

Einwilligung {f}

Bestätigung {f}

Abnahmebestätigung {f} [DIN 69905]econ.QM

Abnahmeerklärung {f} [DIN 69905]econ.QM

Beifall {m}

Gutheißung {f}
general approval
allgemeiner Anklang {m}
print approval
Druckfreigabe {f}print
approval sample
Ansichtsmuster {n}
vetting approval
Zustimmung {f} zur Sicherheitsüberprüfungmil.
approval order
Ansichtsbestellung {f}
approval certificate
Zulassungs­schein {m}tech.
security approval
Sicherheitsfreigabe {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • An investigation in 2002 found evidence that al-Qaeda and its affiliates were prospering in Pakistan-administered Kashmir with tacit approval of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.
  • This required the approval of the Union of Writers.
  • Alexander tried unsuccessfully to get personal approval of all issues of MMWR before they went out.
  • The oral tablet form of ciprofloxacin was approved in October 1987, just one year after the approval of norfloxacin.
  • In 2006, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that the European Union had violated international trade law between 1999 and 2003 by imposing a moratorium on the approval of genetically modified organisms (GMO) imports.

  • Any transfer of more than 30% of the ownership of a broadcasting licence (including cable/satellite distribution licences) requires advance approval of the commission.
  • The approval of a draft resolution by the Assembly's third committee, which deals with human rights issues, voted 99 to 52, with 33 abstentions, in favour of the resolution on 15 November 2007 and was put to a vote in the Assembly on 18 December.
  • It was where (as a shadow of the popular elections of old Rome) the people by acclamation showed their approval of a new emperor, and also where they openly criticized the government, or clamoured for the removal of unpopular ministers.
  • 8% of votes were cast in approval of the referendum.
  • In 1979, when President Carter normalized relations with Communist China, Goldwater and some other Senators sued him in the Supreme Court, arguing that the President could not terminate the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty with the Republic of China (Taiwan) without the approval of Congress.

  • However, if the debtor fails to make the agreed upon payments or fails to seek or gain court approval of a modified plan, a bankruptcy court will normally dismiss the case on the motion of the trustee.
  • He was charged by Thomas Browne in 1643 with the authorship of the legendary-apocryphal heretical treatise "De tribus Impostoribus", as well as with having carried his alleged approval of polygamy into practice.
  • The appointment of the governor is the responsibility of the government, head of the board of directors, with the approval of the president (formally a decree of the president).
  • In November 2016, Audi expressed an intention to establish an assembly factory in Pakistan, with the company's local partner acquiring land for a plant in Korangi Creek Industrial Park in Karachi. Approval of the plan would lead to an investment of $30 million in the new plant.
  • That parliament subsequently changed election laws such that presidential candidates need to have the approval of at least 10% of Benin's MPs and mayors.

  • The project was criticized by parliamentarians who understood the end of the secular state with the approval of the agreement.
  • In early July 2002, the Associate General Counsel CTC/Legal Group started drafting a memo to the Attorney General requesting the approval of "aggressive" interrogation methods, which otherwise would be prohibited under the provisions of Section 2340-2340B, Title 18, United States Code, on Abu Zubaydah.
  • In 2004, with the approval of Yelena Bonner, an annual Sakharov Prize for journalism was established for reporters and commentators in Russia.
  • He won the approval of the populace by his valour in leading an attack on the Latins at "Trypetos Lithos"; in this clash his mount stumbled and he would have been killed or captured had a band of youthful archers from the city not defended him.
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