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NOUN   an ardent admirer | ardent admirers
ardent admirerglühender Verehrer {m}
admirerVerehrer {m}
admirerLiebhaber {m}
admirerBewunderer {m}
warm admirerbegeisterter Bewunderer {m}
passionate admirerleidenschaftlicher Bewunderer {m}
attentive admireraufmerksamer Bewunderer {m}
admirer [female]Bewundrerin {f}
secret admirerstiller Bewunderer {m}
secret admirerheimlicher Verehrer {m}
admirer [female]Verehrerin {f}
admirer [female]Bewunderin {f}
great admirergroßer Bewunderer {m}
ardent {adj}inständig
ardent {adj}begeistert
ardent {adj}stürmisch [Liebhaber]
ardent {adj}glühend
ardent {adj}feurig
ardent {adj}leidenschaftlich
ardent {adj}brennend
ardent {adj}heiß
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • ... 35 – 93 AD) was a Roman Senator and a friend and follower of Thrasea Paetus, and like him an ardent admirer of Stoic philosophy.
  • He became an ardent admirer and devotee of John of the Cross and Teresa of Ávila after reading their spiritual writings and soon became enthralled with the Carmelite charism despite never joining them as a religious or secular member.
  • Jerry was also an ardent admirer and supporter of the Geological Association of Canada throughout his adult life.
  • Christian Sidenius, who was an ardent admirer and later good friend of Wilfred's.
  • Gabe Wallach is a graduate student in literature at the University of Iowa and an ardent admirer of Henry James.

  • Franklin arrived as an ardent admirer of the empire as well as a lover of the American colonies (“There's nothing I want more than the prosperity of both,” he says).
  • He races to their Scottish estate on the day of his wedding and manages to foil a shooting "accident" engineered by Corbett, an ardent admirer of Isabel.
  • He became an ardent admirer of President Theodore Roosevelt, and joined the progressive wing of the party, fighting the conservatives.
  • His erudition and spirituality were so famous that the Moghul emperor Akbar became his ardent admirer and donated paper for his writing.
  • Edwin Bechstein and his wife, Helene Bechstein, who was an ardent admirer of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, bestowed many gifts on Hitler including his first luxury car, a red Mercedes costing 26,000 marks.

  • For instance, we know he was an ardent admirer of earlier Paduan sword master Salvator Fabris, whom he calls "a man of the greatest name in our profession."
  • At first an ardent admirer of the teaching of Arius and associated with Eusebius of Nicomedia, he subsequently became a semi-Arian, but seems ultimately to have united with the Anomoeans, whose uncompromising opponent he had once been, and to have died professing their tenets.
  • Philips also broke with Presbyterian traditions, in both religion and politics, by becoming a member of the Church of England, as well as an ardent admirer of the king and his policy.
  • During one of his stays he would have met Fernando Pessoa, an ardent admirer of Pessanha's poetry, influencing his work between 1909-1911 - his "Paulismo" phase.
  • His first poetical efforts had been translations from Byron, of whom he was an ardent admirer, and in 1826 he published a collection of original "Academische Idyllen" Idylls, which had some success.

  • An ardent admirer of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Alphonso was first introduced as Binkley's opponent in the boxing ring.
  • As a youngster, he was an ardent admirer of Yakshagana and the theater in his village.
  • Although Albert, Prince Consort, was largely responsible for Tennyson's appointment as Laureate, Queen Victoria became an ardent admirer of Tennyson's work, writing in her diary that she was "much soothed & pleased" by reading "In Memoriam A.H.H."
  • As an example—despite being an ardent admirer of Franklin Roosevelt—he found it necessary to attack the president's 1937 court-packing scheme.
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