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ardently {adv}leidenschaftlich
ardently {adv}feurig
ardently {adv}heiß
ardently loved {adj}heißgeliebt
to desire sth. ardentlyetw. begeistert anstreben
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  • Fearing reprisals from the revolutionaries upon the discovery of the Katipunan in 1896, the Barceló sisters and the Filipino beatas prayed ardently to their patroness, Our Lady of Consolation.
  • (9) ENTHUSIASM - All true seekers are passionately inspired and ardently attached to the cause, beliefs and interests of the Old Religion - the Old Ways.
  • The Vadakalai ardently follow the Sanskrit Vedas, In Sanskrit the Vadakalai are referred to as Uttara Kalārya. However, today much of the people have moved to the big cities.
  • Outspoken and ardently political, Gaffney completed a PhD and then worked as an academic at Queensland University of Technology.
  • During the Philippine Revolution, Calderon ardently supported the revolutionary movement, an organization that aimed to gain independence from Spain.

  • He campaigned ardently against the imposition of the Sharia law in the northern states of Nigeria.
  • Beginning in the 1870s, Stasov ardently supported the realistic painters known as Peredvizhniki as well as Ilya Repin.
  • Some "Brayons" do not want to be compared to Acadians or Quebecers and ardently call themselves independent "Brayons" from "P'tit Sault" (the original name for Edmundston), which designates the smaller rapids of the river.
  • "I well remember, when I was a boy, how ardently I longed for the opportunity of reading, but had no access to a library", Caleb Bingham, 1803.
  • All over the island, as Maine is often known for, are blueberry patches that supply an abundant amount of blueberries, ardently picked by the locals.

  • He was ardently pro-democracy and supported the vision of the Quaid.
  • Films 53/12 is a space where Delisle ardently champions personal, independent cinema through his involvement in both the creative and the production sides of film.
  • Paul Tagliabue unknowingly played in a fixed game and as a result became ardently anti-gambling as the NFL's future commissioner.
  • His green stetson hat became well-known and Whelan was seen as an ardently vociferous advocate for the agricultural sector, with a habit for plain-spokenness (which occasionally got him in trouble).
  • Owen ardently supported the theory as major evidence for his theory of homology.

  • Accused of practising witchcraft and causing the sickness of the wife of the ardently anti-Christian Persian king Shapur II, Tarbula was condemned and executed by being sawn in half in the year 345.
  • The publication ardently opposed fascism but also refused to extend support to the western Allies, characterising them as imperialist.
  • She focused on several initiatives that she would ardently support, particularly matters pertaining to children and families.
  • A former student of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Fontenay-Saint-Cloud, he worked in the early 80's for "Rock & Folk" where he ardently defended some post-punk bands like "Joy Division" in 1981, and "New Order" in 1983.
  • Sabari ([...] , [...]) is an elderly woman ascetic in the Hindu epic "Ramayana". She is described as an ardently devoted woman who received Rama's darshana and blessing due to her bhakti to him.

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