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NOUN   arrhythmia | arrhythmias
SYNO arrhythmia | cardiac arrhythmia
Arrhythmie {f}
absolute arrhythmia
Arrhythmia {f} absoluta
absolute arrhythmia
absolute Arrhythmie {f} <AA>
atrial arrhythmia <AA>
Vorhofarrhythmie {f}
cardiac arrhythmia
Herzrhythmusstörung {f} <HRS, HRST>
sinus arrhythmia
Sinus-Arrhythmie {f} [Herzrhythmusstörung]
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  • Lanatoside C (or isolanid) is a cardiac glycoside, a type of drug that can be used in the treatment of congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).
  • Re-entry ventricular arrhythmia is a type of paroxysmal tachycardia occurring in the ventricle where the cause of the arrhythmia is due to the electric signal not completing the normal circuit, but rather an alternative circuit looping back upon itself.
  • Olshansky B. Bradyarrhythmias – Conduction System Abnormalities. In: Arrhythmia Essentials 2e, 2017.
  • It has been implicated in causing ventricular arrhythmia (torsades de pointes).
  • A catheter is a very thin tube that is inserted into a vein in the patient’s leg and threaded to the heart where it delivers energy to treat the patient’s arrhythmia.
  • Thus, TIC is typically diagnosed when (1) tests have excluded other causes of cardiomyopathy and (2) there is improvement in myocardial function after treatment of the tachycardia or arrhythmia.
  • Generally, deviation from normal sinus rhythm is considered a cardiac arrhythmia.
  • His more recent work has focused on using AI to bridge basic arrhythmia mechanisms to patient care. He directs the Computational Arrhythmia Research Laboratory (CARL).
  • There are 6 different sinus arrhythmia.
  • Amiodarone can worsen the cardiac arrhythmia brought on by digitalis toxicity.
  • According to the publisher, the book describes the current state of cardiac arrhythmia treatment, and attempts to identify future directions research may take.
  • Osmond died of cardiac arrhythmia in 2004.
  • The second Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial (CAST II) modified the enrollment criteria to include patients at higher risk for serious arrhythmia.
  • Chuck Cuminale died of arrhythmia in July 2001.
  • Arrhythmia termination involves stopping a life-threatening arrhythmia once it has already occurred.
  • Fitzhugh Green Jr. died on September 5, 1990, of cardiac arrhythmia.
  • During season 2020-21, Quero retired from football after had been diagnostic with a heart arrhythmia.
  • The Sensei system is indicated for use during the cardiac mapping phase of cardiac arrhythmia treatment in the US.
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