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as appropriate {adv}dementsprechend
as appropriate {adv}wie jeweils anwendbar
as appropriate {adv}gegebenenfalls <ggf.>
to delete as appropriateNichtzutreffendes streichen
Tick and fill in as appropriate. [Br.] [form]Zutreffendes ankreuzen und ausfüllen. [Formular]
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  • In some cases, the working group will instead have its charter updated to take on new tasks as appropriate.
  • Speakers or writers of officialese or legalese may recognize that it is confusing or even meaningless to outsiders, but view its use as appropriate within their organization or group.
  • The stakes of each round, as well as blinds, bring-ins, and antes as appropriate per game, typically escalate according either to the time elapsed or the number of hands played.
  • It is doubtful whether perfumes qualify as appropriate copyright subject matter under the US Copyright Act.
  • The six principles of the Disciples' Generous Response call on Christian disciples to practice generosity as a spiritual discipline, respond faithfully to the blessings of God, to give financially as appropriate to our unique personal circumstances and desires, to share in mission tithes and community tithes, to save wisely for the future and to spend responsibly.
  • A motion was passed in November 2009 in which the council promoted the inclusion of Cornish, as appropriate and where possible, in council publications and on signs.
  • For consumption, each must be prepared and cooked as appropriate.
  • Additionally, Naora attempted to enhance the realism of the world through predominantly bright lighting effects with shadows distributed as appropriate.
  • However, the simpler machines remain important as appropriate technology in low-capital farming contexts, both in developing countries and in developed countries on small farms that strive for especially high levels of self-sufficiency.
  • Keys explicitly judged BMI as appropriate for "population" studies and inappropriate for individual evaluation.
  • Instead, the issuer (or its appointed agent) maintains a register in which details of the holder of the securities are entered and updated as appropriate.
  • These must be prepared and cooked as appropriate for human consumption.
  • The BNP would be subject to the "same general principles governing official impartiality" and they would receive "standard written briefings as appropriate from time to time", but diplomats would not be "proactive" in dealing with the BNP MEPs and that any requests for policy briefings from them would be treated differently and on a discretionary basis.
  • These must be sprouted, or prepared and cooked as appropriate for human consumption.
  • Wade–Giles uses hyphens to separate all syllables within a word (whereas Pīnyīn separates syllables only in specially defined cases, using hyphens or closing (right) single quotation marks as appropriate).
  • They will correctly display any mix of Unicode blocks, as long as appropriate fonts are present in the operating system.
  • Washington authorized his subordinate officers to issue Badges of Merit as appropriate.
  • Since the reference model given for traffic policing in the network is the GCRA, this algorithm is normally used for shaping as well, and single and dual leaky bucket implementations may be used as appropriate.
  • Her lyrical sincerity and public behavior were not widely accepted as appropriate expressions for African-American women; therefore, her work was often written off as distasteful or unseemly, rather than as an accurate representation of the African-American experience.
  • Alternately, any number of procedures can be merged into a single procedure that takes as argument a variant record (or algebraic data type) representing the selection of a procedure and its arguments; the merged procedure then dispatches on its argument to execute the corresponding code and uses direct recursion to call self as appropriate.
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