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at extra cost {adv}gegen Verrechnung
at extra cost {adv}gegen Sonderberechnung
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at no extra cost {adv}ohne Aufpreis
at no extra cost {adv}ohne Kostenaufschlag
optional at extra costauf Wunsch gegen besondere Berechnung
at no extra charge {adv}ohne Aufpreis
at cost {adv}auf Kosten
at cost {adv}nach Aufwand
at cost {adv}
zum Einkaufspreis
at cost {adv}
zum Anschaffungs­wert
at moderate cost {adv}zu mäßigen Kosten
at any cost {adv}zu jedem Preis
at little cost {adv}preisgünstig
at cost (price) {adv}
zum Selbstkostenpreis
at great cost {adv}unter großen Kosten
at great cost {adv}sehr teuer [z. B. erkaufen, erstehen etc.]
to sell at cost
zum Selbstkostenpreis verkaufen
at any cost {adv}um jeden Preis
at heavy cost {adv}unter hohen Kosten
at minimal cost {adv}zu minimalen Kosten
at their cost {adv}auf ihre Kosten
at my cost {adv}auf meine Kosten
at what cost {adv} [fig.]zu welchem Preis [fig.]
at sb.'s cost {adv}auf jds. Kosten
at the cost of {prep}zu Kosten von
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Guided tours are available at extra cost, and may be taken by tram, bus, or on foot.
  • All Les Baer pistols come with a guarantee of at least 3" accuracy at 50 yards, and many models are available at extra cost ($295.00) with a guarantee of 1.5" at the same distance.
  • It could also be ordered with special trim at extra cost.
  • AYS programs are provided at extra cost.
  • Independently adjustable separate front seats were made available at extra cost from September 1955.

  • For the Paris Motor Show in October 1957 the manufacturer offered, at extra cost, an electro-magnetic Jaeger automatic clutch, activated when changing gear.
  • Optional at extra cost was the four-barrel 325-horsepower 401 which was standard on the Invicta, Electra 225 and the mid-year Invicta-based Wildcat coupe.
  • An option available at extra cost, WinTV Extend, allows TV to be streamed over the Internet to several portable devices such as smartphones, and PCs.
  • Optionally available were bucket seats upholstered in Corinthian leather with a center armrest and cushion, or at extra cost, a center console with floor shifter and storage compartment.
  • "Identity preserved" wheat that has been stored and transported separately (at extra cost) usually fetches a higher price.

  • The two-seater, three-wheeler featured an iron chassis, wheel steering, and a single-cylinder 6 hp engine of either their own make or at extra cost from De Dion.
  • Bathing in spring water is available in approved facilities at extra cost.
  • Available at extra cost with the bucket seats was a center console with floor-mounted shifter for which the Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission could also be had with the Hurst Dual-Gate shifter commonly found in the division's musclecar, the Oldsmobile 442.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres could be ordered at extra cost.
  • There is no provision for special food even at extra cost.

  • Automatic transmission was a conventional Borg Warner Type 35 3 Speed transmission and was offered at extra cost.
  • In addition to high-speed trains, many overnight trains require reservations (at extra cost) for sleeping accommodations such as couchettes or sleeping cars; some trains have only sleeper cars.
  • compiler is available at extra cost. The latest full version of IDA Pro is commercial (version 8.2 as of December 2022), while a less capable version is available for download free of charge (version 8.1 [...]).
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