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NOUN   an auk | auks
Alk {m} [arktischer Meeresvogel]
great auk [Alca impennis, formerly: Pinguinus impennis] [extinct]
Riesenalk {m} [ausgestorben]
little auk [Br.] [Alle alle]
Krabbentaucher {m}
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  • " is attested by Jacques Cartier, who used it for the great auk in a report on a Northwest Atlantic expedition a few years earlier.
  • The aviary was the first open-air auk exhibit in the world, and won a design award.
  • The great auk is the subject of "The Last Great Auk", a novel by Allen Eckert, which tells of the events leading to the extinction of the great auk as seen from the perspective of the last one alive.
  • "Uria" auks are relatives of the razorbill, little auk and the extinct great auk and together make up the tribe Alcini.
  • The Academic Hallmarks and Knowledge Masters mascot is a great auk with an affinity for puns.
  • "Ornithology", formerly "The Auk" and "The Auk: Ornithological Advances", is a peer-reviewed scientific journal and the official publication of the American Ornithological Society (AOS).
  • The Pa-auk method is mindfulness of breathing based on sutan and visuddhimagga.
  • In the Burmese language, people originating from Upper Myanmar are typically called "a-nya-tha" for men and "a-nya-thu" for women, whereas those from Lower Myanmar are called "auk tha" (...) for men and "auk thu" for women.
  • "Cerorhinca" is a genus of auk containing the rhinoceros auklet and several fossil species.
  • This auk is an unusual member of the auk family, often nesting far inland in old growth forests.
  • Lockwood also references Swainson's work in his etymological research, for example in "The Philology of 'Auk' and related matters" in the journal "Neuephilologische Mitteilungen" vol.
  • A Pliocene species of auk ("Alca stewarti") was found in 2000.
  • In August 2013 several people died in Siorapaluk from eating kiviak that was made from eider rather than auk.
  • The thick-billed murre or Brünnich's guillemot ("Uria lomvia") is a bird in the auk family (Alcidae).
  • A croaking "auk auk auk" is vocalized by males while in the presence of a female during courtship.
  • The great auk "(Alca impennis)" was a North Atlantic flightless bird about the size of a goose; it became extinct in 1844.
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