Übersetzung für 'autarky' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   an autarky | autarkies
SYNO autarchy | autarky
Autarkie {f}
wirtschaftliche Unabhängigkeit {f}
autarky policy
Autarkiepolitik {f}
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Übersetzung für 'autarky' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Autarkie {f}econ.pol.

wirtschaftliche Unabhängigkeit {f}econ.

autarky policy
Autarkiepolitik {f}econ.pol.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Parshev argues for the scaling down of Russian foreign trade, greater self-sufficiency and autarky, and for a return to more Soviet-style forms of management in economy and politics.
  • His research is on the rising income inequality in Russia, including due to autarky.
  • It published numerous articles alleging that the international banking system is run by money-manipulating conspirators and advocating national and personal autarky. It also supported distributivism.
  • A policy of autarky tried to keep foreign currency in the country and establish a domestic film industry.
  • According to The Economist, the Kirchners returned Argentina to "economic nationalism and near-autarky".

  • Haushofer's version of autarky was based on the quasi-Malthusian idea that the earth would become saturated with people and no longer able to provide food for all.
  • Autarky may be a policy of a state or some other type of entity when it seeks to be self-sufficient as a whole, but it also can be limited to a narrow field such as possession of a key raw material.
  • The first part of the document noted Hitler's wish that Germany should strive for autarky, as he reasoned that reliance on others makes a state weak.
  • The failure of the grand scheme became evident, however, when the economic goal of massive people's consumption revealed itself incompatible with the simultaneous political goals of autarky, re-armament and territorial expansion.
  • Another thing in common among authoritarian socialist regimes was autarky.

  • The harmony between business and the regime reached its peak when Mussolini declared the necessity for economic autarky in a speech to the National Assembly of Corporations in March 1936.
  • In fact, the pursuit of full closure or "autarky" even counteracts the principle of the "external economies of scale".
  • Monte Rosa Cabins mark a milestone in high alpine building presenting a high degree of energy autarky of over 90%, meaning that 90% of needed energy is obtained locally from renewable sources.
  • Autarky exists whenever an entity can survive or continue its activities without external assistance.
  • Ramonet has called for autarky and for regulation, taxes and tariffs that reduce international trade.

  • General Karl Haushofer, who would adopt many of Kjellén's ideas, was not interested in economic policy but would advocate autarky as well; a nation constantly in struggle would demand self-sufficiency.
  • BUF [...] and IFL [...] economic policies were isolationist, desiring Britain and its empire to be an autarky.
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